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Sleep I'm going mental

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Notgoodatall Fri 11-Mar-16 16:11:25

Newborn waking every 3 hours. Toddler waking up and not sleeping from 2-4 every night. Now my eldest is ill and was awake from 4-5:30 this morning.
Literally just started crying as I'm so sleep deprived. Tried to explain to DH through my sons and he walked off saying "ffs" I just wanted a hug and to be told we'll get through it. Especially as he sleeps all night and also snoozing while I'm up getting them ready for school and nursery. Ok rant over

Notgoodatall Fri 11-Mar-16 16:11:57

*Sons should have been tears

Gillian1980 Fri 11-Mar-16 16:29:41

Does he ever do anything to help?

OK, so he needs sleep to function at work. But you also need sleep to function as a human and to keep you sane.

Can he take the kids for a couple of hours after work so you can rest? He needs to do something - you can't just keep going without support.

skankingpiglet Sat 12-Mar-16 07:55:16

I agree, your H needs to step up. Yes he needs sleep if he's working, but he doesn't need all the sleep and you none. There needs to be a balance struck. I would suggest him either being solely in charge of the two older, or just the toddler. He also needs to start pulling his weight in the morning and evening.

We're due DC2 in June. Our plan sleep-wise is for DH to do all DD's wake ups and deal with her once she's up for the day until he goes to work (this is no bother, she just follows him around mostly and demands her teeth are brushed). He'll most likely sleep in the spare room a couple of nights a week to avoid being disturbed by the baby. I'll deal with the baby and all of her many wakings. At the moment DD is 21mo and she sleeps through 3 nights a week (when not poorly), and wakes up maybe once one the other nights. She's up for the day at 6 - 6.30. I think he's got a very good deal.

Florentina27 Mon 14-Mar-16 06:00:18

Also if you have a friend that's also in maternity maybe she could look after the baby and toddler for a few hours while you rest and then return favour. That was my plan with a friend but didn't need it so much in the end. Your partener should definitely help now and then. What is it going go happen when you will be working if you're planning on going back to work and he doesn't step in to help? He'll survive with a couple of hours less sleep, I strongly believe that being a full time mum, especially with 2 demanding kids involves a lot more work and energy that a day to day job...really feel for you xx

m33r Mon 14-Mar-16 21:03:09

Could your DH do something like 8pm-11pm then 5am - 7am. That'll give you a bit of a sleep for a while?

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