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Do Not Google Wonky Bumcrack

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tinymeteor Fri 11-Mar-16 12:24:33

DSis is expecting her first. Asked for advice about what I've learned in my infinite wisdom as a person with one whole toddler. I thought hard about the times in DD's first year when my new-parent-ometer went into the red. I think my finest moment was convincing myself that the baby's bum crack was wonky and asking Dr Google for his opinion. Big mistake. Do not Google bumcracks. I also asked a real doctor who, to his eternal credit, managed not to laugh me out of the surgery.

Anyone else got one of these stories from their rookie season? DSis needs to know...

deathlyhallows1 Fri 11-Mar-16 12:26:31

I'm really tempted now to google wonky bum crack!

MrsSteptoe Fri 11-Mar-16 12:27:11

WonkyBumcrack That's got to be a great MN username for someone.

deathlyhallows1 Fri 11-Mar-16 12:27:56

I want it!

wonkybumcrack Fri 11-Mar-16 12:28:34


MrsSteptoe Fri 11-Mar-16 12:31:52

Nice moves, wonky!!!

wonkybumcrack Fri 11-Mar-16 12:33:18

grin Mine all mine!

HawkEyeTheNoo Fri 11-Mar-16 12:39:22

Sigh... I'm always last to the party! I actually wanted the name sad

wonkybumcrack Fri 11-Mar-16 12:40:53

Ah no I feel bad now.

Threads like these ALWAYS make me want to Google whatever it is they are saying not to Google - even if I had never even heard of them before, let alone considered googling them.

I am resisting temptation at the moment, but that can only last so long, and then I will be googling.

tinymeteor Fri 11-Mar-16 12:44:26

Well played Wonky grin

tinymeteor Fri 11-Mar-16 12:48:49

Bumcracks aside, does anyone have any parenting don'ts to share?

When your toddler goes quiet, don't breath a sigh of relief, and relax. Investigate immediately!

Don't give your baby a mouthful of weetabix just before they sneeze - you will be picking weetabix out of your hair for hours.

tinymeteor Fri 11-Mar-16 14:06:04

I remembered another one. Don't panic buy 2 dozen pairs of newborn socks just because mothercare is closing and you're 8 months pregnant and what kind of mother doesn't know the difference between a sleepsuit and a bodysuit and what the hell do babies wear anyway? When you get home you will realise that all the baby's clothes already have feet.

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