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19 month age gap and bedtime

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Jw35 Thu 10-Mar-16 18:34:41

I'm 20 weeks pregnant and have a 14 month old dd who will be 19 months when this one is born.

I'm just wondering how I will cope with bedtime? At the moment the routine for dd is:
6pm-bath and story
6.45-bedtime bottle (I sit next to the cot while she has it and it takes around 15-20 mins)

How will this change realistically? I know the new baby won't be in a routine for a while! Any practical tips? Dd sleeps from 7pm-7am at the moment so a bit worried the new baby might change that!

The new baby will sleep in my room for a few months so it's more the actual bedtime routine rather than baby disturbing her sister.

I also have a 12 year old dd, what can she do to help? (She's very good usually at helping).

Thanks in advance!

ODog Fri 11-Mar-16 14:15:35

I will have a 23month age gap in May and DS's routine is very similar to what you describe above (except I have to lay with him a bit longer before he falls asleep).

I have started doing the routine in our bed and moving him once he is asleep. The plan is I will then be able to lay in bed with him and feed/cuddle the baby while DS goes to sleep. Seems to be working for us at the moment and then hopefully it will be less of a change when baby arrives in a couple of months.

NickyEds Fri 11-Mar-16 18:00:05

I have a 19 month age gap and for a while bedtime was really hard tbh. Our routine was
5-5.15 tea
6.45-7 bath
7-7.30 milk downstairs followed by teeth, then bed. In bed he has one story then gos to sleep in his own.

The main problem was by 7.30 dd was completely over tired and screaming. It helped putting her in the sling but she really wanted to snooze on my lap cluster feeding. It helped when dp could get home in time to do ds himself. It was a big advantage that ds had his milk downstairs so if I was on my own dd only ever had to be left for a couple of minutes to put ds to bed. Would your dd accept milk downstairs then a story from big sister in bed?

LowlLowl Fri 11-Mar-16 19:34:26

Watching with interest. My DS1 is 22 months and DS2 is 6 weeks. We've incorporated DS2 into bedtime with DS1 already (I'm no Gina Ford but I do like some structure and since the EBF hasn't worked out I've got the advantage of formula to knock DS2 out a bit). At the moment we do:

Tea at 6
Up to bath 6.40ish
We get DS1 ready for bath & in bath while DS2 lies in Moses basket
DH baths DS1 while I get DS2 ready
DS2 has brief bath in with DS1
I take DS2 off for feed while DH sorts DS1 out (milk, teeth, story, lullaby)
DS1 asleep by 7.45ish
DS2 asleep by 8.30ish

I'd like to be able to work out how this could be done with just one person, as I want to start going back to my Pilates class one evening a week. DS1 is good at getting himself off to sleep but with the best will in the world it's still 7.30 before we leave the room. I don't think DS2 would last that long without screaming!

Hobbitfeet32 Fri 11-Mar-16 19:41:28

2 years between mine. I used to bf baby during mine and DC1s teatime around 5pm then bath at 6.30pm. Run bath, leave baby on the mat on bathroom floor, put DC1 in. While he plays get baby ready for bath and give quick bath in with DC1. Baby out and get dressed whilst other one still plays. Get DC1 out and dress whilst DC2 lays on mat. Everyone on my bed, bf for baby and cup of milk for toddler whilst I read stories. Put toddler in bed then settle baby in basket in my room. Can be done by 1 person if you're organised and get everything you need out before you bath and expect that the baby might have to cry for a few minutes whilst you dress older child. Not always easy though!

ODog Fri 11-Mar-16 20:23:26

That is basically my whole plan hobbit so glad to hear it works in real life.

Hobbitfeet32 Fri 11-Mar-16 20:29:52

I know theres a bit of a difference between a 19month old and 2 year old but you can adapt to what works for you. I couldn't be bothered with doing 2 baths and bedtimes so DC2 just fitted into DC1s routine. Ot really wasn't alwys easy and often one or both would cry but you soon realise that you only have 1 pair of hands so someone will always have to wait whilst you sort the other one out. You'll be fine!

ODog Fri 11-Mar-16 20:39:42

I'll have a 23month gap so very similar. And absolutely prepared for some crying from one, both or all parties. Sorry I'm not op, just hijacking! Just sick of people telling me it will be impossible to do bedtime on my own.

Jw35 Fri 11-Mar-16 20:49:57

I think it's the newborn stage which worries me most. I'm planning on doing together a few months in but I seem to remember when dd was a new baby the evenings were a blur! Thanks for the tips! Its probably best to start weaning dd off the bottle before baby arrives, that could help!

NickyEds Fri 11-Mar-16 20:53:11

It's not impossible to do on your own at all, just easier with two. I would have loved settle the baby in her moses in my room hobbit but she wouldn't have it at all until she was almost 6 months old!!

Hobbitfeet32 Fri 11-Mar-16 21:28:02

I'll add that I stayed in the bedroom with her for the first month or 2 as she would wake often! It's just I wanted to try and start a routine ASAP so that I might get at least a couple of hours when both were asleep. My post makes it sound easy, it really wasn't and we had times when all 3 of us were in tears. My younger child still doesn't sleep through and shes 2 now so I'm in no position Tondush out good sleep advice. Just trying to say that you can juggle both children with one parent around if you have to. Definitely much easier with another pair of hands.

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