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Clinginess / confidence at nursery 3.5 year old (also sleep!).

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GingerDoodle Thu 10-Mar-16 09:05:21

DD started Nursery back last Sept and adjusted far better than we could have hoped for. She is a September baby so will be 3.5 soon.

She started with 2 mornings and now does 2 mornings and 1 full day. Nursery is fab, they are very pleased with her, working at the upper end of her age bracket. LOVES singing / drama / Christmas play was def her 'thing'

Since January (when we upped her time there to include the full day) she often tells us she doesn't want to go, and needs a cuddle with her teacher when we leave but is fine as soon as we've gone / she settled. She is happy (but knackered) when I pick her up.

She is very attached to her teacher (think little shadow!) The teacher doesn't mind at all and has said obviously September is a while off but she will assist with the transition when the time comes and she moves up to the Upper nursery.

I just wondered if anyone else's child has been like this to reassure me its an age thing and anything (clubs?) that had helped with confidence / reducing clinginess?

Also, in tandem to this sleep is very hit and miss; I'm back to sitting in her room (which i don't mind as it touch wood doesn't take long) but she's waking ridiculously early wanting to come in to us (think 8.30/9.30pm!) and won't settle unless she does.

I know I'm probably fretting over nothing and she probably grow out of it but some hand holding would be much appreciated!!!

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