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Beautifulbella Wed 09-Mar-16 21:49:34

I know there's a thread for home/garden but it tends to be about ethnic living etc.

I currently live with my mum and 7 month old daughter. Lately we have been nonstop arguing about the way we want to live. My mum has a very relaxed living life style whereas I tend to be quiet ocd.

I tidy the house to a level I thinks acceptable and then within an hour it's a complete state, as if a bunch of wild teenagers threw a house party. (Probably a high exaggeration, but I can't live like it anymore) I know it's probably classed as a clean home, my sisters think I'm crazy but I ant help but worry about me and my lo being in this house the way it is. I have been diagnosed ocd, so I know it's probably fine but I can't help it.

I've spoken to my mum almost every single day about it, I just don't want my daughter growing up in this house. We currently live in housing association but I was wondering if there's any advise as to whether I'd be allegable to move into my own property and if so would I be put into a temporary accomation until then) my mum and me are at our wits end, she's had enough to the point she want me gone and I couldn't be happier.

Any advise would be great, Tia!

jamtartandcustard Thu 10-Mar-16 10:42:51

How many bedrooms does your current property have and who is named on then tenancy?
If it's a 2 bed in just your mums name you can either go down the overcrowded route which will take a while or your mum will have to formally evict you where it is quicker but may probably result in having to live in a b&q for a couple of months.
If it's a 3 bed in your mums name she will have to evict you. If your both named on the tenancy then you'd need to look for private accommodation

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