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Baby not bearing weight on legs at 7 months

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Jessiejane123 Wed 09-Mar-16 15:25:46

My daughter doesn't bear weight on her legs very well at all. I go to a couple of baby groups and she literally is the only baby from them both not bearing weight.

She will stand up and bounce up on one leg or maybe 2 and then her legs just go all floppy and she won't stand up straight. She has a jumperoo but doesn't really bounce in that either. I told my HV this and she said not to worry as every baby is different, yet all the milestones you read say that by now she should be able to do this.

Anyone else's child like this? I can't help but be a bit worried.

TippetyTapWriter Wed 09-Mar-16 15:54:16

My ds was the same, at 10 months now he still doesn't really bear weight for more than a second. He'll bounce then his legs go floppy and collapse. They're plenty strong enough, he just doesn't seem interested. I worry too, especially when I see much younger babies practically standing unaided! But he's doing ok with all his other milestones so I'm trying not to worry too. They all do things differently. I'm sure your lo is fine.

AgentCandid Wed 09-Mar-16 15:57:47

Yes, my 8 month old has little chubby frog legs and she folds them up underneath her if you try to stand her up. Apparently I was the same as a baby so I'm not worrying just yet.

PommelandCantle Wed 09-Mar-16 16:02:58

My DS took forever. He just couldn't be bothered. He started to walk at 17 months - we offered him a piece of cake but he had to walk to get it. And then hasn't stopped - he's 6.5 now. I was told the HV don't worry until 18 months. Don't worry, your DD is still young. Does she sit ok?

Jessiejane123 Wed 09-Mar-16 16:09:33

Thanks that's reassuring. She sits up brilliantly, HV was impressed. She's just turned 7 months.

PommelandCantle Wed 09-Mar-16 20:47:15

in a few months time you will be wistfully thinking of the time you could sit her in one place and find her still there 30 secs later grin. Enjoy, it's a fab journey.

kd83 Thu 10-Mar-16 13:48:43

don't worry too much provided their hips have been checked by your health visitor for hip displacia.

Health visitors won't worry about them not walking until they reach 18 months.

My son is hypermobile, meaning he has very flexible joints, and he wasn't standing until about 15-16 months and not walking until 21 months, we finally got a physio referral to get the hypermobility confirmed at 23 months.

There's no rush they all get there in their own time.

BushyTailedPony Thu 10-Mar-16 21:59:23

My DD was like this too. She's nearly one now and just started to stand on her legs (while I'm holding her) for a few minutes. She just used to sit down previously.

Bedsheets4knickers Fri 11-Mar-16 11:30:26

Does she have a jumperoo, might help x

cheapandcheerful Fri 11-Mar-16 11:33:25

My dd didn't bear weight on her legs until she was 14mo. She was very flexible in her hips so had a hip xray at 12mo to see if there were any problems but that came back clear. The consensus was that she just took a while to figure out what her legs were for grin

She pulled herself up on the sofa at 14mo and walked a couple of month later.

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