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Feeling like such a failure

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Beautifulbella Mon 07-Mar-16 23:44:37

Itpartner of five years left me when dd was 15 weeks old, the reason was because me and his family had a disagreement & he decided it was best to move out and leave me and our child. The whole disagreement was I had said to my mil, spend more time with our dd, my dad lives 6 hours away and has seen my dd more time then the in laws when they live in the same town as us (twenty min drive in traffic) yet mil is on social media acting the doting grandparent. I confronted her and told her politely to stop writing post and actually spend time with dd. Now my dd is seven months old and my ex has suddenly decided he wants to see dd more (once a week) i have never stopped him seeing her he just always choose not to. He has gave me a total of £150 since her birth to help towards items for her. I feel as though he lives this high life whilst I am the one with a screaming baby due to her teething. I have no friends in the area as I moved him for him, so feel so isolated. I love my dd more than life itself, but lately all she is doing is crying and I feel as though I'm failing. I just don't know what to do it make it better. Feel free to join my self pity party!

mellowyellow1 Tue 08-Mar-16 18:52:06

Sorry you're having a tough time, you say you moved for him and feel isolated but you're not even with him now, could you move anywhere else where you have more support or friends? He sounds like a bit of a let-down and you shouldn't be pandering to him. Also seek legal advice with regards to child maintenance as he should be paying for his child that he seems to have just abandoned.

Hope you're okay flowers

Tvfan1981b Sat 12-Mar-16 21:27:59

1. You are NOT a failure
2. Being in a new place with no friends and a young child can be very isolating. It's not your fault.
3. Your child will grow up realising you are the one who has cared for her.
4. Try going to some local groups or clubs to make friends.
5. Make time for you. Do something you enjoy.

Chin up. You WILL get there.

Florentina27 Mon 14-Mar-16 19:09:06

Try and go to baby groups and possibly make new mums friends. And you are NOT a failure at all, the opposite, very brave and resourceful given the circumstances. You should come to an agreement about child maintenance indeed, what a jerk

Beautifulbella Mon 14-Mar-16 20:29:08

Thank you all, you've all been so kind.
I think I'm going to speak to hv tomorrow when I get dd weighed to ask about baby groups etc.

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