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Spending quality time with baby

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jellymum1704 Mon 07-Mar-16 14:49:24

I'm returning back to work full time from next week. Ds is 11 months old and will be looked after my mum at home. I'm feeling quite anxious about not having enough time to spend with him playing when I get back from work as there will only be enough time to prepare dinner and tuck him in.I want to know how do you make the time count as I feel quite bad having to miss out on precious firsts such as walking and words.

BackforGood Mon 07-Mar-16 23:46:32

You get on with it the best as works out for you.

You particularly enjoy weekends.
You get into routine of them going to be a bit later and making bathtime into a really nice time together.
You can get your Mum to join a Whatsapp group with you and dh and get her to send you a pic or video when they are doing something during the day.
Some people can arrange their work hours so they start an hour earlier or work through lunch break and then get home an hour earlier (will obv. depend on your job)
Or you cut back all your spending and go part time.
You won't necessarily miss out on all those firsts - they are just as likely to do stuff when you are there, as not.

Xmasbaby11 Mon 07-Mar-16 23:57:21

I went back full time when dd was 8mo. I did miss her and felt like I missed out on doing fun things like taking her to the playground and playing at home. I always went straight home after work, no after work gym or drinks etc and spent all weekend with her.

You're really lucky your mum will have your dd. Mine was in nursery. When she was ill I took time off to look after her and I was happy as it was time with her! I mean viruses, nothing serious obviously.

It is hard and a massive change in lifestyle - maternity leave was relaxed for me - but we couldn't afford for me to work part time.

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