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Mother's Day

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GM1983 Sun 06-Mar-16 21:03:41

Can anyone help? So today is my second ever Mother's Day - last year my husband was away for a week on his stag do so this one feels 'full fat' so to speak.

Having received a bunch of flowers and a card this morning we went out for lunch with my family to celebrate - My husband walked in and sat himself down at the opposite end of the table (12) from me and our two year old toddler who was being particularly lively and did not proceed to interact with us until we left the restaurant two hours later....I'm talking 3 tantrums several toilet visits and a meal that was stone cold by the time I was able to take a bite....I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant so feeling a little tired and overwhelmed as well as designated driver obviously!

I am a stay at home mum so does this mean I don't deserve a little help on Mother's Day or am I ( according to him) being irrational/emotional/hard work/selfish...although don't worry he's googled it and it's just a side effect of pregnancy so that 'hopefully ' explains it?

Please help? Xx

HeffalumpHistory Sun 06-Mar-16 21:12:42

He's googled your upset?? I'd stick his phone/laptop/iPad up his nose!!
Why did he not sit with you both? That's odd surely?!
Personally, I'd have taken your DC down to him at the other end of the table & said simply "your turn!"
But no, yanbu. At all!
That was a selfish thing he did & was not so far away that he didn't know what was going on to help out.
They're thoughtless twats at times!!!!

RancidOldHag Sun 06-Mar-16 21:17:07

Nothing wrong with him sitting at the other end of the table.

But of the other 12 people at lunch, did no-one offer?

i think I'm in the camp of cheerfully dumping infant with a hearty 'your turn' if no one at all is offering.

Dellarobia Sun 06-Mar-16 21:24:48

Sounds like he was being v inconsiderate. But I agree with pp, better to hand the toddler to him with a "your turn now!" than put up with it and then have a go at him afterwards.

2015mom Tue 08-Mar-16 01:31:25

Totally unfair of your hubby to sit so far away! Plus you are pregnant! Very in inconsiderate!

Yep you should have said to your husband your turn for sure!!

Pinkheart5915 Tue 08-Mar-16 02:09:19

I think even when's it's not Mother's Day, although you are a stay at home mum he is the dad and should help out a certain amount.

Next time your out and your toddler needs toilet etc multiple times just say to him I think it's your turn, I mean what's he going to do?

Using google when your upset? Was he trying to be funny? That would of really annoyed me.

I am a stay at home mum and my husband does more than his fair share, and on Mother's Day (first ever one) he made a great fuss.
We have a 6 month old and I'm currently pregnant again my husband will do anything I ask/ need him to do.

BastardGoDarkly Tue 08-Mar-16 02:40:53

Yes, he was an utter arse.

But why didn't you say something? Martyrdom just causes resent.

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