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Picky eaters

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IAmAHologram Wed 02-Mar-16 13:11:06

I have two picky eaters.

DD seems genuinely not to like things, but usually decides this before she's tried them. I simply cannot get her to try new things. (Unless they are sweet in which case she'll eat any and everything.) She doesn't eat much of anything and will often tell me that she had 'bread and gravy' for lunch at school.

DS will eat any and everything put in front of him at nursery, but will sulk and tantrum if it's something he doesn't love for tea.

If it was up to them they'd live off chicken nuggets and plain pasta.

I have always cooked them separate meals of the very limited range of stuff they admit to liking and maybe 70% of it gets eaten. Anything new gets left on plate and may provoke a tantrum from either one. They do not get a choice beyond take it or leave it.

I've recently started trying to get them to eat the same meals as us. This is partly because I cba cooking separately any more and partly out of concern for their diet.

I'm not worried about DS. I know he eats 'real' food at nursery, so he'll eat it at home if he's hungry (once he gets over his indignation). But I am worried about DD. I really do think she would let herself go hungry rather than try anything new.

Does anyone have any magic solutions? Anyone got a non-eater who suddenly started eating? If I hold out and keep on with this tactic might she start trying stuff? Or am I doing horrible damage to her? She's already skinny.

I have horrible childhood memories of being expected to eat stuff I genuinely didn't like, and I don't want to do that to her, but the list of stuff she does like is shockingly small.


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