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Contributions wanted for playful parenting book

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Sunblushsister Wed 02-Mar-16 10:36:00

I am currently writing an informal and playful parenting book where I would like to record all those little games and funny tricks we do with children to get them to cooperate and stop a usually sane parent turning into a crazy shouting monster (I’ve been there plenty of times and got the t-shirt!) No judgement at all on the insane shouty monster parent … but there are times when the blood pressure just simply can’t handle it any more and so why not tap into our children’s way of looking at the world and find imaginative ways of getting the boring (but necessary) stuff done.

It might be how to get your children to have fun brushing their teeth, or eating their vegetables, putting their coat on or walking to Nursery. It might be a little song or rhyme you have made up or something you say which always seems to work! For example, a way I have found to get my 3 year old to walk when he is feeling tired is to pretend we are both on horses and suddenly his enthusiasm increases and he’s trotting along happily.

I know I'm not the only one who have these tricks up their sleeves as I hear of lots of imaginative parents doing these games with their children all the time so I would like to get your contributions too. I don’t mind how crazy it may seem or how small and insignificant I want to hear it! It might be something that your parents did with you as a child or something that you have learnt from someone else so you might think that everyone knows it already … but maybe not! And anyone who is new to being a parent - this could be the book that helps them through some dark times.

I am looking for tips and tricks for children of around 2 to 5 years in these areas:

Getting dressed
Washing hair
Brushing teeth
Brushing hair
Getting in the buggy
Walking nicely
Games for long car journeys
General imaginative games at home
Games to encourage sport

I'm hoping to self publish it as an e-book and any contributions that I decide to publish will of course be credited.

I would love to have your help in getting this book out there as I feel there are so many little gems which could help a tired, stressed parent and make a child feel more happy doing those boring day to day things which are so important.

Please PM me or send your contributions to:

Thank you,


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