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booster seats - eating

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howiloveanicecupoftea Tue 01-Mar-16 10:04:44

I want to get my DS (20 mths) out the high chair and eating up at the table, is this normal and what booster seats would you recommend? Thank you

howiloveanicecupoftea Wed 02-Mar-16 13:15:30

Anyone..? smile

NoMilkNoSugar Wed 02-Mar-16 13:27:46

We had one similar to this one so easy to clean!

BugPlaster Wed 02-Mar-16 13:29:35

I've started thinking this. Same age. I don't know there is a lot of point other than being able to pack the high chair away. I have a travel high chair - a booster with seat strap - so could use that but it ties up a seat when others come round. Have to confront that sometime though.

dontcryitsonlyajoke Wed 02-Mar-16 13:35:03

We've had the booster seats that are in two parts so it can be higher when they're this age then you can take the base off to drop the height of the booster and use it as a step for them to help get into the chair.

DC3 is 20mo and I'll probably be moving him out of the high chair fairly soon. I think the other 2 were definitely out of the high chair by 2.

dontcryitsonlyajoke Wed 02-Mar-16 13:37:39

Like this one:,default,pd.html

BertieBotts Wed 02-Mar-16 13:37:55

Fisher Price healthy care one is what I had. Was good. Though I know that the ikea highchair is much loved on MN too!

SunnySomer Wed 02-Mar-16 13:41:43

We had a stokke Tripp trapp which he used up at the table until he was 6 or 7 and just used a normal chair (I know this isn't what you're asking, but it was good. You can get them on eBay and they don't reduce massively in value over time as long as you look after them).
Ikea antilop without its table does the same job.

skankingpiglet Wed 02-Mar-16 16:18:23

DD is 20mo and she seems fairly keen to do away with her high chair too. We have the Baby Bjorn and I'm loathed to take her out of it as I like the no manky straps thing, plus the tray being tight to her tummy is a huge bonus for not losing food down her front. It sits level with our table, so she is already eating 'with us', but it would be nice to have her at the table properly at some point. We also have a Chicco pocket snack which we currently use when out and about, but will be promoted to more full time use at home soon. It folds very small, has several height settings and a detachable tray. It can also just be sat on the floor as is, which has been fab for picnics and camping.

MintyLizzy9 Wed 09-Mar-16 13:58:46

My sons loves his, under a tenner on Amazon smile

Annarose2014 Wed 09-Mar-16 14:02:07

We got the Infinity booster from Mothercare. Best purchase ever. He sits up at the table like a big boy. He's 15 months and has been using it since weaning.

StepfauxWife Wed 09-Mar-16 14:08:24

This one is brilliant:

We have used this since our DD was 18 months and it's brilliant. Easily portable too.

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