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If you have children at primary school....

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MalmMumma Mon 29-Feb-16 21:43:40

.....what hours do you work? Currently trying to decide on working pattern/hours when DS goes to school.

At the moment, I'm considering working 2 short days so I can pick DS up (8.30-5.30 on the other 3 days). DP will collect him in 2 days at about 4ish and then the 5th day, he'll be in after school club until about 5.30-5.45.

We have no family near by to help and I don't want him to be in after school club until 6ish every night of the week so this seems like a reasonable compromise, given our circumstances. Feeling mum guilt though that I'll only collect him twice a week sad

slightlyglitterbrained Mon 29-Feb-16 21:49:18

Not yet, DS starts in September so once we know where he's going will need to sort something out. The pattern you suggest is probably what we'll aim for.

TBH, at the moment DP does all drop offs & pickups so it'll be a novelty for DS to have me pick him up! Not sure why you'd feel guilty - it'll be lovely for him to have time with both his parents won't it?

RandomMess Mon 29-Feb-16 21:52:32

Mine loved after breakfast club and were very cross when we suggested cutting it back shock

I think 2 nights in after school club until 5.45 if one day you can pick him up from school 2 days.

MalmMumma Mon 29-Feb-16 21:53:50

Good point slightly! I just feel like I should be there more than I will be able to when he goes to school.

Indantherene Mon 29-Feb-16 21:54:20

I cut my hours from Ft to 30 per week, 6 hours a day. DH does both school runs 2 days, and DD stays at an ASC one night, and we just about manage.

MalmMumma Mon 29-Feb-16 21:55:41

Indantherene....what do you mean you just about manage?

Indantherene Mon 29-Feb-16 22:20:14

I'm contracted to 30 hours. Luckily I have flexi but DH is in a totally non flexible job. I have weeks when I only manage 27 hours. Obviously I have to make it up and that can be hard. Then you get school club not running one week, or his shifts change. It feels like a juggling act.

25 hours would be more achievable but we couldn't lose that much money.

attheendoftheday Tue 01-Mar-16 14:01:26

I work full time hours compressed into 3 days on a Mon, Wed and Fri 07.30 to 10pm. It's tiring but I really value the time I have with the dds.

knittingbee Wed 02-Mar-16 19:49:39

I work 9-5.30 half-an-hour's drive from home, 3 days a week. My childminder does pick-up/drop-off those days. I do the other two. Financially it's a struggle (my other kid is in f/t childcare when I work) but it's what j do to keep my job.

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