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Do you have multiples?

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TwinMummyPlusOne Sun 28-Feb-16 14:44:57

We have made a new group on Facebook for both mums and dads expecting multiples. It's a relaxed chat group with very few rules, for support, advice, photo sharing, themed days, a day for advertising your own groups/businesses an anonymous post facility (mainly because not all ladies want to talk about girly issues or relationship woes in front of guys) as well as the odd bit of adult chat and... well, anything at all really!

Phew, that must be the longest sentence ever. Anyway, we hope we can be a little different from the millions of other chat groups on there so come along and see what you think? And bring your partner if you fancy it!

Or if the link doesn't work, do a search for Twins Triplets Quads - The Shits & Giggles of Parenting Multiples.

(Admin I'm sorry if this isn't allowed and if not, I'll understand if you delete!)

starpatch Sun 28-Feb-16 20:00:26

Good luck with it there is a multiple births board so you might want to post on there

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