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Mums in scotland

(71 Posts)
kirra Mon 01-Jan-07 12:32:28

Happy new year! im in southern scotland looking to chat to others mums living in scotland are there any in here?
im kirsty mummy to jacob whos 2 1/2yrs.

Macdog Mon 01-Jan-07 14:39:54

Hi Kirra. Happy New Year!!
I'm in North Ayrshire with a dd who's 10months.
Did you survive the storms relatively unscathed??
Hope you had a good Christmas

NicklePickle Mon 01-Jan-07 14:43:09

Hi Kirra,
There are lots of scots mums! (or mums who live in scotland anyway!)
I've got a 15mo DS in central scotland.

mellowma Mon 01-Jan-07 14:45:35

Message withdrawn

kirra Tue 02-Jan-07 13:02:03

hiya, good to hear from you! my msn is kitty-tiger at hotmail dot com if you wanna chat!

agalch Wed 03-Jan-07 07:08:11

Hiya Kirra

I'm near Edinburgh.Not on MSN but hopefully see you here.

I have 2 ds's aged 15 and 11 and 2 dd's aged 2.5 and 20 weeks.

Happy New Year!

TerrbileTwos Thu 04-Jan-07 14:07:21

Hiya Kirra

I'm near Glasgow and mummy a DS will be 3 in April.


kirra Sat 06-Jan-07 16:23:48

hi nice to hear from you! how are we all? it doesnt feel so cold out for jan.

TrinityRhino Sat 06-Jan-07 16:25:17

Hi, I'm near dumfries

I have a yr year old, 20 month old and I'm due in 4 weeks

TrinityRhino Sat 06-Jan-07 16:25:49

that would be a 6 yr old

2Happy Sat 06-Jan-07 16:44:32

Hello, I live in the borders (well actually it's just NNorthumberland, but only just, I work in the borders and grew up there). I've got an almost 19m ds, and am 38w pg.

Purpleparrot Sat 06-Jan-07 16:48:55

I live in South West Scotland but hoping to move to Dumfries soon with my 8 year old ds as I start work there on Monday.

kirra Tue 16-Jan-07 10:19:36

hello lassies, good to hear from you.

dont think we'll have a bad winter this year.

TrinityRhino Tue 16-Jan-07 10:25:06

hmm, not sure about the not bad winter. It said minus 2 in the car this morning and the doors were frozen shut. dh poured water on them and then yanked one open and broke the lock OOOOPS

Needless to say we were late for school this morning

Fimbo Tue 16-Jan-07 10:28:35

Hi can I join in??? I live in Norwich but was born and brought up in Dundee (for my sins) have lived all over the place thanks to dh.Dm & Df still live there and pil live in Fife near St. Andrews. I would dearly love to move back to Glasgow or Edinburgh but it aint gonna happen any time soon. I am sahm to dd (8) and ds (3).

mellowma Tue 16-Jan-07 10:32:15

Message withdrawn

Sugarmagnolia Tue 16-Jan-07 12:02:12

Hi there - I'm in Scotland too but not a native!

I say bring on the cold as long as it stops flipping raining. I think I'm growing mold. (BTW Trinity - you are not supposed to pour water on frozen locks - get yourself some deicer spray lass!)

2Happy Tue 16-Jan-07 19:59:31

I mind the wind this winter more than anything, it's been wild hasn't it? Lovely day today though, went to a farm park near Dunbar, chilly but great fun.

Wallace Tue 16-Jan-07 20:04:37

I'm in the Highlands.

ds1 age 7
dd age 5
ds2 age 6 months

Peridot30 Tue 16-Jan-07 20:10:15

Hi can i join 2? i live near Glasgow and have a ds who is 5 and a dd who is 3.

Alibobster Tue 16-Jan-07 21:01:04

Hi Girls

I live near to Loch Lomond and my ds is 7 months old

hoohoo Tue 16-Jan-07 21:10:17

Hi i'm from fife have two Ds's aged 3.5 and 2 and am 10 weeks pregnant. How is everyone?

TrinityRhino Tue 16-Jan-07 21:15:55

why magnolia????

Alibobster Tue 16-Jan-07 21:18:25

Hi HooHoo

I am very well thanks. Congratulations on your pregnancy - are you keeping well?

TrinityRhino Tue 16-Jan-07 21:18:37

oh and we thought he had broken it cause then it wouldn't shut like the catch wasn't catching. so that we could get dd1 to school he tried to get it to lock which it did and then wouldn't open when we unlocked the rest of the car which was fine cause at least we could use the car just not that door
but then later I forgot and went to that dorr and it just opened and then shut as normla so I reckon it was frozen shut and then still frozen but with the latch open once he had yanked it, any way it's fine now which is good, no cost involved lol

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