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Newborn - Reflux

(11 Posts)
goodnightdarthvader1 Sun 28-Feb-16 08:36:24

Please, I need help or reasurrance. BFing failed, baby now on formula, Aptamil First Milk, ready made. She tolerated it ok at first but threw it up repeatedly last night (3-4 times). Tried watering down, but she didn't like the taste.

We are getting Aptimil Reflux powder today, any advice? Am I hurting my baby? Could this be colic? Or a cow's milk allergy?

Wineandpopcorn Sun 28-Feb-16 08:46:25

My 12 week old started off life as you are describing, and over the last few weeks she has tried gaviscon, which didn't help, ranitadine, which didn't help, and is now on a high dose of omeprazole, plus domperidone which helps her not to be sick by emptying the contents of her stomach quickly. She is also on aptamil reflux milk. Unfortunately it's trial and error, but if you suspect reflux get a paediatric referral ASAP to get the ball rolling. Does your baby experience constant pain ? Are they unsettled when lying flat? Arching back, coughing, violent hiccuping etc?

BexusSugarush Sun 28-Feb-16 09:09:41

Sorry to hear your poor little one might have reflux, my 8 week old was diagnosed just the other day. According to our GP, according to new NHS guidelines they're not allowed to treat reflux, as doctors have been accused of over-diagnosing it. Here are my suggestions:

Do get your baby a GP appointment so that they can confirm it is reflux and not a different problem with their lungs/stomach/bowels etc.

In the mean time: my health visitor suggested NOT changing formula (we started off bf and had to stop too) as baby is only just adjusting to it and changing between formulas could do more harm than good. Again, this was the advice I was given, do check with your own contacts first.

Burp baby a every ounce or so that they drink (although if baby cries for the bottle back then give it, as screaming means taking in more air) and make sure to burp afterwards. Keep baby's throat above their stomach for 20-30 minutes after every feed - this doesn't have to be upright, just at an angle. Put books under the head end of the moses basket/cot (we just put a sturdy pillow under the head-end of her mattress) so that baby does not sleep flat.

How old is your baby? Apparently they do grow out of it as their stomachs mature. My little one has been on Cow and Gate Newborn milk for just under a month now and the reflux has slowly gotten better. She still throws up a fair bit but it bothers her less. She wheezes during and after some feeds and has alot of trouble burping (note: farting DOES count as winding your baby, so if like mine she's gassy, at least it's coming out one end).

Apparently you may also find that your baby's bowel movements are infrequent, far apart and look more like a bf-baby's poops. This is normal when changing to formula and will take a while to calm down. If you think baby has diarrhea however, call the doctor.

Again, I must stress that every baby is different and this is just the advice we have been given that HAS had a positive impact. Make an appointment with your GP immediately (make sure to tell them baby's age as they should be seen as soon as possible) and call your health visitor in the mean time/take baby to baby clinic.

Best of luck and I hope it gets better soon x

sallykins123 Sun 28-Feb-16 11:04:54

My DD had this, she hated lying back even at 4 weeks and would choke on nothing - reflux it was.

If it is I wouldn't reccomrnd watering the milk down as it will make it thinner and the anti reflux milk is actually a thicker consistency so it will stay down easier.

I had baby gaviscon which you can only get on prescription from GP. I used it every other feed for a week as it makes their poo rock hard. Then I just used it as and when I thought she had a case of reflux, it really helped. It normally passes at around 12 weeks.

ODog Sun 28-Feb-16 14:31:18

Was this just one episode of vomiting (or a few comes in a short space of time)? My DS had this at about 12 days old (he was BF but not sure this makes a difference). It was proper projectile full feed vomits all over me. Took him to a&e (very pfb I know) and they said possible reflux but he was fine after that really. Happened a couple of times throughout his babyhood but he was never overly bothered by the vomiting and aside from that he was very normal in terms of how he fed and relatively little vomiting. I would see how it goes and use the suggestions above about keeping him upright (a sling will help here).

goodnightdarthvader1 Mon 29-Feb-16 06:58:36

Hi all, thank you for your advice, you have no idea how much it means to me.

After a successful visit by a community midwife, we've tried BFing again with nipple shields, going well so far (although she sleeps on the breast more than she nurses, but that's another thread!). She's possetted a little milk back up a couple of times, but much less.

We've supplemented occasionally with a bottle of formula, and if she drinks little amounts, so far so good. Although last night she was a milk monster, would NOT settle, just wanted to keep eating. I may give in and try hand-expressing to make sure she's getting enough milk.

Thank you again for commenting. The support is very much appreciated.

SquareholeRoundpeg Mon 29-Feb-16 07:16:09

A friend of mine had a baby with reflux. When she decides to cut dairy from her own diet the reflux in her baby stopped.

BexusSugarush Mon 29-Feb-16 09:35:36

The constantly wanting to feed will likely just be her trying to bring your milk supply up to her needs - feed her as much as she asks, even if it seems she's only sucking for comfort. Your milk supply won't be meeting her requirements if she's had formula for a while and even with just one bottle top up. I used to express everytime I gave mine a bottle, to keep my milk supply up. Honestly, let her feed on the breast as long as she wants (mine went through a cluster feeding phase of 20 hours a day at one point!) as it's impossible to overfeed on the breast.

Fugghetaboutit Mon 29-Feb-16 09:39:32

Aptamil gave my dd awful wind and reflux and read they've changed their mix?

Try Hipp Organic or Cow & Gate

Florentina27 Mon 29-Feb-16 22:19:38

Hi, all the things mentioned by Bexus..should help.
My daughter was quite refluxy when she was a newborn and also windy. I managed to breast feed her with the nipple shield due to tongue tie which she had snipped at 7 weeks so she never really learned to lach without them. Unfortunately, on our experience, she swallows more air than she should with them. Every time she goes on the breast for a break she will swallow air when going back on it due to the space left between the nipple and shield. She is 6 months and still struggling with wind.
Hope your little one will get better soon!!

Florentina27 Mon 29-Feb-16 22:23:34

I forgot go mention that using the shields was a good choince after all, breast milk is the best

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