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Babyproofing electronics buttons

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FreiasBathtub Sat 27-Feb-16 15:57:41

My DD's new favourite hobby is pressing buttons, on TVs, computers and the like. We've moved as much as we can but some things have to stay within her reach. We remove her and say 'no' each time but at 16 months I expect we still have a little while of this to go.

So does anyone know of any products we could use to prevent her from being able to press these buttons? We operate everything with remote controls so it doesn't matter if they're cut off completely. My DH suggested sellotaping bits of egg carton over them but I'm hoping for something a little less Blue Peter...

MattDillonsPants Sun 28-Feb-16 09:15:59

This is an American company I think but it's perhaps what you need?

FreiasBathtub Sun 28-Feb-16 09:42:41

Amazing! That might be just the thing. Thank you so much. (And loving the old school TV in the picture!)

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