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Whatwillbexo Sat 27-Feb-16 02:13:26

Screaming 3 week old with colic/trapped wind.. Been trying everything for hours! Help?!!!

Newtobecomingamum Sat 27-Feb-16 02:19:48

Hi, get you tube up and type in baby colic white noise. Select the one that says baby colic sleeps to this magic (it's got a pic of a baby sleeping on a half moon). It helps sooth our baby so much and sends her to sleep and settles her. Do it now it's amazing and in the meantime I will send you some more tips that helps us x

Newtobecomingamum Sat 27-Feb-16 02:23:37

Also if you have another device like iPad or partners phone you tube infacol I love you massage and infacol around the clock colic massage. Also, type in you tube tiger in the tree hold. Are you using infacol?

Newtobecomingamum Sat 27-Feb-16 02:27:06

That white noise up to 10hours video with the baby on the half moon has literally saved me and my hubby. It's so amazing, you need it up high ( make sure the speaker isn't aimed towards her ears though) x

Whatwillbexo Sat 27-Feb-16 02:40:26

Thankyou guys! I had tried it before sometimes with luck, sometimes without.. Bubba now fast asleepgrin

MrsPatrickDempsey Sat 27-Feb-16 07:18:32

Good link about colic

Lucy90 Sat 27-Feb-16 18:27:22

I used to put a warm tea towel over DDs pjs round her tummy. This used to
Bring loads of wind up and she would manage a few hours sleep before the next round of screaming

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