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Why doesn't she listen?

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Stiddleficks Thu 25-Feb-16 19:37:07

We're having a really difficult time with our 5yr old Dd at the moment, anytime I or her dad ask/tell her to do something she will ignore us and carry on doing what she wants. She knows we've asked but if it's not something she wants to do or interrupts what she's playing with she'll carry on, so we have to ask repeatedly to get her to do anything. We have tried all sorts, asking nicely, being firm, taking things away, time outs. We talk to her about it, she gets upset and says sorry and within half hour it's started again. It's getting really frustrating as we can't get to the bottom of it and it's hard not to completely lose it with her. We have a baby in the house who's a few months so I know that's been a shock but she seems to have adjusted really well to that and she gets quality time with us both. It's happening at school too and the teachers have been patient but I can see that they are getting frustrated with her too and even some of the other children have said to her in the playground that's she's naughty, she gets upset for a bit and then carries on the same.
Any ideas of something else we can try or another way to approach things?

Frusso Thu 25-Feb-16 19:44:13

Go to your GP and ask for a referral to ENT or Audiology and get glue ear ruled out.

If it was just a home it could be behavioural, but because the behaviour is also apparent at school, then I would be looking to rule out any physiological reasons.

Stiddleficks Thu 25-Feb-16 19:51:04

I will speak to our GP as it's certainly something to consider now, I'll try anything but I do think it's behavioural, she can go out for a day with family or friends and their children and she is great, they all mention how well mannered and polite she is. And there are times with us where she'll listen fine, usually when it's of some benefit to her particularly.

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