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Am I being judgmental

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Lovemybubble15 Thu 25-Feb-16 10:10:41

I have a little boy who is nearly 7 months old and he is my pride and joy. My partners friend had a child 3 months after ours and feel the he is always comparing them. We are currently weaning our boy and yesterday Ptnr advised me that his friend is now giving their 15 week old food!!! When he told me just said wow that's far too early and not recommended until at least 17 ( or is it 16) weeks. He just thinks I'm being mean when I'm not but I am concerned for the child and that they aren't following advise.
I know I must sound ridiculous but it seems that whenever he is told something from his friend (like the 4 months old is chatting loads and standing up - exaggerating I think) he's starts to question if our boy is doing the proper things! I tell him to stop comparing as children develop differently.

Grrrrrrrrrrr why does it annoy me!

sallykins123 Thu 25-Feb-16 10:25:12

That would irritate me too. I am a first time mum and in the 7 months of my daughters life, i've come across a handful of these types.

If you see your partners friend I just wouldn't engage in baby talk with him, or if he starts saying stupid things like his 4 month old is standing, which I can't imagine, then keep it light and be like 'no way, thats nuts!' and change the conversation.

With regards to your partner then you need to keep telling him what you've already said, that babies are different. My sisters baby didn't sit up until 11 months, didn't walk until 16 months and wasn't talking properly at the age of 3. But this baby is now a straight A student at grammar school, so there you go!

Lovemybubble15 Thu 25-Feb-16 10:34:12

Bless you! Sometimes you just need to get these things off your chest and see that it's not just you being annoyed!

I will of course bite my tongue when they mention these things. The food thing does concern me but hey ho its not my issue and as long as my little one is happy and healthy that's all that matters.

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