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formula feeding

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emsyl85 Thu 25-Feb-16 04:51:37

Hi there,
I don't think I've posted this is the right place but I couldn't find any part for feeding so hopefully this will get seen.
My lo has been exclusively bf until last week. He would have 2 expressed bottles at night, one at bedtime and one at dreamfeed. We did this so I could have some time out, hubby could have some bonding time and so we could see he took a good meal at night as sometimes he just had a comfort feed for dreamfeed.
Anyway, it was going really well but I begun to really struggle expressing enough so last week we introduced one formula feed bottle for the dreamfeed. He took it fine but he now seems to be waking up with tummy ache and lots of wind until he does a big poo. I'm just wondering if all formula would do this and I need to go back to try to express it all, or if I should try a different formula? It's currently aptamil profuture.
Any advice would be great!

emsyl85 Thu 25-Feb-16 05:00:16

...I should also have put that he's 12 weeks (sorry first post) X

icklekid Thu 25-Feb-16 05:01:27

Certainly no harm in trying a different formula as many people do find babies respond differently to them

winchester1 Thu 25-Feb-16 05:37:36

I'd also switch the formula to earlier maybe his 7 or 8,ish feed as it is a bit harder to digest than bm. Mine were both totally formula fed and still struggled with dream feeds sometimes.
I think aptimal is meant to be one of the easier formulas so id keep him on it for a few weeks before swaping to.maybe normal sma (not gold) to.give him a chance to.get use to it.

Fugghetaboutit Thu 25-Feb-16 06:56:49

Aptamil made my dd SO gassy she was so upset. I read on here it's pretty common. Try Hipp or Cow and Gate

knittingbee Thu 25-Feb-16 19:45:55

Night breastfeeds are really important for establishing supply, I'd suggest reinstating one to help your milk production.

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