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Happyland toys for 1st birthday?

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sallykins123 Wed 24-Feb-16 16:31:07

My DD will be 1 in August and I'm getting some bits and pieces now to spread the costs out.

Has anyone got for their child a happy land store and play box and the collectable toys like the people and police stations/schools that go with it? I think this looks good but not sure if she'd be into it?

PennyHasNoSurname Wed 24-Feb-16 16:33:23

We got a lot of it for dd for her first birthday. She is now four and we have a 15mo son and they both still play with it.

The stuff that has had the most play is a teapot house (with a mouse family who live in it), a dinosaur and volcano set, and the red bus.

PennyHasNoSurname Wed 24-Feb-16 16:33:51

Oh and we didnt bother with the box. Just used a colourful rubber tub like plasterers use.

Buttons23 Wed 24-Feb-16 16:36:45

I absolutely love and would recommend happy land. We bought a big box full for our son's 1st birthday second hand and it is his most played with toy. He gets a lot of use out of it and now at 2 and a half has loads. I like its sturdy and keeps well and when they grow out of it, it sells really well. Didn't get the box but he has the farm, preschool and castle which are played with a lot.

Pocket1 Sat 27-Feb-16 21:13:49

DD is 2.8 and still loves the train set we bought when she was about 18 months smile

PurplePotatoes Sun 28-Feb-16 12:59:58

Yes would definitely recommend it, my DD got loads for her first birthday and still plays with it every day (2.3 now). She loves the rose cottage and teapot house but just loves playing with the little people on their own too.

YouMakeMyDreams Sun 28-Feb-16 13:17:49

Definitely recommend and ours was played with until the dc were way older. Just bought some at Christmas for our niece and she was 14 months at the time and she lives it as well. It's great to collect and add to. Often turns up at car boots as well.

Luciferbox Sun 28-Feb-16 13:19:47

Happy land is great. It still gets played with daily by DS aged 4 and 1.

MyNameIsSuz Sun 28-Feb-16 13:28:54

Still played with here too by 3.5 year old. Our favourites were the red bus and the rocket ship.

MagratsFlyawayHair Sun 28-Feb-16 14:12:09

My eldest plays with hers at 4.5 and her little brother at 17 months does to. Brilliant toys.

sallykins123 Sun 28-Feb-16 19:29:10

Great, thought it'd be good! I've already started ordering smile

MiaowTheCat Mon 29-Feb-16 08:47:24

London bus is a good starting one - loads of people come with it and they can play putting people in and out of the seat holes before anything really imaginative kicks in later on.

Ours is in an Ikea stuva? chest on wheels that goes under a table as we've got a lot of big bits of it.

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