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Sudden behaviour change in 7 year old...

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Writerwannabe83 Wed 24-Feb-16 04:45:49

Hello all, just after some advice please on behalf of my sister.

My sister's daughter, aged 7, has over the last two weeks started to get really clingy. Apparently she is crying a lot, persistently wants to hug my sister and now won't sleep in her own bed and is now sleeping in my sister's bed every night. My sister said there was no build up to this behaviour change and it just suddenly randomly started.

She has asked my niece what is wrong but she won't say anything.

My sister has spoken to the school who say my niece is absolutely fine there and nothing worrying has occurred. My niece goes to a childminder before and after school and the childminder said she is fine whilst there too.

My sister can't understand it and obviously hates seeing her daughter so upset.

I'm going round this weekend to see if my niece will speak to me about what's wrong.

Has anyone dealt with anything like this before or know how to coax children to disclose what's upsetting them?

gooseberryroolz Wed 24-Feb-16 05:32:00

Are you/your DSis worried that is something at school/childminder?

If something has happened, reassurance that 'her' adults CAN sort it out and protect her and that she doesn't need to go back to see the people concerned until they have?

Maybe try some play therapy techniques (using drawings and dolls) or splash out on a couple of hours with a private play therapist, if you get nowhere.

I did have a situation where one of my DC was scared to tell us something because they were scared for their friend. I was very very definite and confident that, whatever it was, I WOULD sort it for them (turned out to be nasty bullying from older DCs) and they did eventually tell me.

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