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Feeling low

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Sarahvintage5690 Mon 22-Feb-16 22:23:38

Hi everyone I have always wanted a baby and been trying on and off for 10 years finally gave up and 6 months later I found out I was 11 weeks pregnant I was happy but terrified too I had a traumatic labour and afterwards suffered with a infection and now gallstones I have been so ill and it's really got to me sad most days I can cope with her fine but today I'm feeling really low like I can't do it anymore which dosent make sense because she is a good baby nearly always smiling and goes to bed around 10pm and sleeps through till half 8 usually so I don't know why I'm feeling like this any advice would be great if anyone has any xx

blinder Mon 22-Feb-16 22:33:57

Sarah, you sound as if you have had a horribly traumatic time, and you are now exhausted. I wonder if you have some post-natal depression. That can make everything seem grey and miserable, even when you think you should feel happy. A traumatic labour can also result in PTSD, which looks a lot like depression.
Try not to blame yourself - I think you've had so much to deal with, over years and years, that it has completely drained you.
How much practical support do you get at the moment?

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Tue 23-Feb-16 14:50:47

Hello Sarah sorry to read things are tough at the moment. Have you told anyone in real life about how you are feeling? Motherhood can be overwhelming let alone when poorly with something like gallstones.

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