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Do your babies ever try to "launch" themselves?!!

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cheerfullysleepless Mon 22-Feb-16 16:09:47

Just that really!!! Does anyone else's baby do a weird sort of launching thing? Charlie was in my lap today and kept throwing arms back and throwing chest forward like trying to take off...cute but scary as comes from nowhere and he's strong

minipie Mon 22-Feb-16 19:50:19

Yes, both of them but especially DD1. She threw herself sideways once when I was holding her sitting on a cafe table - totally unexpected, luckily I caught her. I think they just get a bit bored and want to move!

minipie Mon 22-Feb-16 19:51:00

Oh and it's especially fun when they do it as you are carrying them down or up stairs shock

pointythings Mon 22-Feb-16 20:27:06

Yep, both of mine did. DD2 once ended up throwing me down the stairs with her - she was a mobile and solid 5 months at the time. I fell, twisted to ensure she landed on top of me and sprained my ankle. Another time I had her in a backpack and she tried to launch herself - tore some muscle fibres in my neck and shoulder, it was agony! (She was 15 months at the time so much heavier).

DD1 once launched herself out of her high chair and cracked her face on the sideboard, biggest black eye ever.

NellWilsonsWhiteHair Mon 22-Feb-16 20:31:15

Yep! Often combined with headbutting me. I always thought he enjoyed that feeling of his muscles working so powerfully - that might just be projection, because I feel that, but he always seemed to be finding a way to practise his strength, throwing himself around, pushing into a standing position as a baby in my lap, or straightening out his legs and pointing his toes.

unimaginativename13 Mon 22-Feb-16 20:33:30

4 month old here

Launches himself everywhere, he gives a little smile cuddles into me then wallop throws himself back.

He's a wriggly little octopus too.

JizzyStradlin Tue 23-Feb-16 20:13:41


cheerfullysleepless Thu 25-Feb-16 11:54:47

Thanks all, was worried was maybe holding him wrong or something I don't know - he has no sense of self preservation poor sod!!!

skankingpiglet Sat 27-Feb-16 11:12:12

Yep DD was like this, you have my sympathies. Hopefully yours grows out of it. My DD (now 20mo) has upped her game... A couple of months ago she launched herself down the stairs tummy down, face first, like a baby seal. Last weekend she launched herself over the side of a supermarket trolley landing head first on the floor sad She's just so quick, unpredictable and determined. I usually manage to make the save, but as demonstrated I'm not always fast or psychic enough.

LittlePixieMa Sun 28-Feb-16 21:53:14

Haha, yes!!! Just the last few weeks he thinks he's a space rocket! Nearly dropped him a few times shockshock

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