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How was your baby after second immunisations ?? 1st MenB ,2nd rotavirus ,2nd 5in1

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mrsjoker35 Fri 19-Feb-16 11:42:12

I don't get the whole paracetamol thing as well?!
The last time i was told "OK so we give her a dose of paracetamol just now, in 4-6 hours time give another then give her a third and final dose after that"
Then the last time I saw my health visitor(also my nurse who does the jabs) she said that I wouldn't need to do that this time around, I'll speak to her when I see her next time but I'm just confused lol what's different with this time?

I worry about my health a lot (since having a c section ive had health anxiety) so you can imagine how much I worry about my baby's health !
When my baby had her first set she was fine till the early hours in the morning she was a little sick during a feed, could of been she just drank too much ! But it set my anxiety off and that was me for 48 hours ,worried just waiting for something to happen... Nothing did!
I think far too much about stuff...

NickyEds Fri 19-Feb-16 13:54:34

They have the meningitis vaccine in the first and third set but not the second (if I remember rightly). It is this vaccine which is particularly associated with a high fever so paracetamol is given prophylactically . My dd was perhaps a bit grumpy after them and had a slight temperature but was otherwise fine.

Starman16 Sat 20-Feb-16 03:52:56

Exactly what NickyEds said - it's been found that the Men B vaccine is more likely to give a slight fever so you only need to give paracetamol after that one (8 weeks & 16 weeks)

My DS was completely fine after his 12 week jabs, no fever or anything. I've had friends who said their LO was a bit sleepier than usual for a day or so.

Florentina27 Sat 20-Feb-16 06:15:08

My DS was fine too. The nurse said to give her paracetamol only if she needs it but she was completely fine. She said the same thing on thevtird one. She was a bit clingy and warm towards evening so I gave her some before bef

Focusfocus Sat 20-Feb-16 08:30:27

2nd lot doesn't have men B, we too were told calpol not needed, and true enough he was fine

scarednoob Sat 20-Feb-16 09:57:21

First lot were a nightmare. She barely noticed the second, after the initial crying stopped.

It is the men b that gives the fever, which they don't have in the second batch, hence no calpol etc needed.

Hope your little one sails through it!

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