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Food ideas for 9 month old

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XxHanxX Wed 17-Feb-16 15:26:29

Hi all

I wonder if you could share some of your dinner/lunch ideas for your little ones?

Just would like some fresh ideas for my 9 month olds meals.

Thank you x

switswoo81 Wed 17-Feb-16 15:51:37

Dd is one now but hasn't changed her diet much in the past few months.
Lunch in creche is pureed as that's what they asked for so something from annabel karmel or Nevin maguire. Usually beef stew, chicken and vegetables, lamb and sweet potato or cheesy lentils .
Tea is always finger food so
Scrambled eggs / hardboiled eggs
Pasta and cheese or sauce
Baby egg fried rice
Grated cheese and oatcakes
Blueberry pancakes
Chicken\fish nuggets ( homemade)
Breadsticks and houmous
Cheese on toast

lilac3033 Wed 17-Feb-16 16:17:15

DD is 9m. I try and do a mix of mashed things and finger food. Tonight she's going to have homemade mushroom pizza. I try to feed her something similar to what we have.
Egg mayo sandwich has gone down well lately and peanut butter mashed with banana on toast is a firm favourite. I also discovered tomato pesto on pasta. I also cook big batches of curry and lentil casserole for the freezer when she can't eat what we have.

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