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When do they become interesting?...

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ponchikon Wed 17-Feb-16 10:31:47

Hi all... I've got a 13 months old, and he is an ideal kid - sleeps well, eats well, good natured...
But I am (and have been) bored out of my mind with him. You can't have a meaningful conversation, you can't read a book with him (nothing engages him for more than 2 minutes), I am not enjoying peekaboo or building towers he loves knocking down. Letting him paint or do any other of the activities again are just not inspiring to say the least (for me!). He would play on his own OK, and still there are too many times when I find myself just sitting on the floor next to him going out of my mind from boredom. I salute to all the nannies and nursery carers out there for being able to survive!
He is at the nursery most of the week, so we are talking evenings/weekends here, still, it leaves us with 1.5 hours every evening and weekends.

I guess my question is.. if there is anyone else who doesn't enjoy their child's babyhood? And WHEN will it become fun??

susannahmoodie Wed 17-Feb-16 10:35:42

I would say once they can talk properly. When they can hold a conversation they actually become good company. Mine are 2.5 and 5 now and they make me laugh all day everyday. I do remember feeling a bit like you do now though. Do you work?

YouSaffBridge Wed 17-Feb-16 10:36:07


With hindsight, I didn't enjoy babyhood very much at all. And even at the time I found 1-2 a pretty rubbish period.

They all become fun at different times. I started enjoying spending time with DD a lot more once she started to talk a bit. Now she's just turned 4 and she's hilarious, I love spending time with her. Before I used to dread long weekends with DP at work, now I know we can spend the whole weekend together with no one else around and we'll have fun.

But being able to have some semblance of a conversation with her was definitely the turning point for me.

susannahmoodie Wed 17-Feb-16 10:36:26

Oh I'm guessing you do from op.

I never got bored reading with them, maybe try some new books?

Fugghetaboutit Wed 17-Feb-16 10:36:56

About 22

ponchikon Wed 17-Feb-16 10:58:23

Hi thanks a lot for all the replies!
Yes, I do work - thank god for that, couldn't wait to go back to work (at 6mo).
Great to know I am not the only one, that really helps, and that it DOES get better, even though 2.5 seems so far away!!!
I guess I would enjoy some nice role play or doing puzzles together, but this is still a long way to go... sigh.

wherethefuckisthefuckingtuna Wed 17-Feb-16 11:09:37

My son is 12m and I am just starting to find him interesting - or more specifically, the 'tricks' I've been teaching him. Like waving, clapping etc.

I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon though...

Looking forward to when he can talk!! I feel bad for spending so much time looking at my phone. But honestly, he finds turning the pages of a book more interesting than me. So why compete?! grin

ponchikon Wed 17-Feb-16 11:11:31

poster Fugghetaboutit gringringrin

ponchikon Wed 17-Feb-16 11:14:53

wherethefuckisthefuckingtuna yeah well if he couldn't entertain himself I would have killed myself seriously... but it's not always the case unfortunately! And it's not that you can do your own stuff. Of course when it's about cooking or doing things around the house - but sitting around him with your computer is quite a challenge, as he needs to press all the buttons straight away! Same with the phone... I need to hide behind a big couch cushion for that...

Lightbulbon Wed 17-Feb-16 11:41:53

I didn't like the toddler stage either.

Once they can talk and walk you can do more.

Sounds like you're struggling to find indoor activities to do. Why not just take DC out more?

Go to soft plays, feed the ducks in the park etc

ponchikon Wed 17-Feb-16 11:48:14

Thanks Lightbulbon! Unfortunately, evenings are not exactly softplay duck feeding time, and on weekends... grrr it 's been so cold recently! And he hates his buggy and doesn't walk yet sad
But yes, we try to get out whenever we have got friends to meet. That helps really. It's just not always possible.
Want to enjoy my kid as I feel I am missing on something important, as if there is some sacred knowledge that evades me.

lenibose Wed 17-Feb-16 11:52:08

Everything after a year was fine. I would play with him for 10 mins and leave him to it for 10 mins. I also worked so only evenings and weekends. We did read a LOT though. Nearly 30-45 mins a day. Board books mainly. Also I put on nursery rhymes and we did actions together. And in the main I talked at him non stop. He now talks back at me all day. We also did some finger painting. And my one day off work was quite structured. So get ready, go to music class, go to the park, come back for lunch, nap. Have a snack/feed. Off to the park. Come back and play while I make dinner. Read books etc. Sit and watch me cook while I jabber at him. Help me 'sort' the laundry. Then dinner time and bed time.

lenibose Wed 17-Feb-16 11:53:20

If she hates the buggy that's a problem. As long as it is not raining I was always outdoors. Bought myself a down coat. Wrapped him up. And we were outside.

ponchikon Wed 17-Feb-16 12:02:23

lenibose wow, 30-45 minutes a day of reading! I wish he would listen for 5 minutes!
What kind of "actions" you did with the nursery rhymes on? Like - clapping, waving, stuff like that? I seem to be completely unable to entertain my kid, as he doesn't care of any of the stuff I try to teach him, he's got an attention span of a goldfish and much more interested in the stuff he choses to do himself...

HeadDreamer Wed 17-Feb-16 12:11:49

I find it helps when you have two. Even with a talking child, I can only play the things DD likes for a short time. Now mine are 4 and 1, DD1 sometimes says I'll play with DD2.

Heatherbell1978 Wed 17-Feb-16 12:16:22

DS1 is 18m and he's now starting to become more interesting. Doesn't talk aside from a few words but understands everything it seems....he's much better at independent play so I don't have to amuse him constantly. He'll toddle around in the play park or soft play without me right next to him too. In a few more months I think he'll love trips to the zoo etc (at 13m wasn't interested)

KatyN Wed 17-Feb-16 14:59:05

Talking is a BIG help. Fortunately my son was talking by 12 months or I might have exploded.. Imve now got a 7 week old and pray she talks soon (soon??).
One thing that helped me was doing things together that I enjoyed... So baking or craft. We would also spend a good hour having each meal.

It does get better.. But cripes it's hard going! Kx

ponchikon Wed 17-Feb-16 16:05:44

Thanks for the responses, ladies!
No talking on the horizon, all communication is done through screams and gestures.
Not a cooking/crafty person myself, but I guess I should start to be, otherwise I'll lose my sanity. Off researching...

lenibose Fri 19-Feb-16 07:15:16

As in 'wheels on the bus go round and round' with actions. And so on. Even if he doesn't want to read I would gently get into the habit of doing so, 5 mins stretching to 10. Those 'That's not my...' books are good for this stage. Let him feel/touch the books. DS loved 'Tiger Who Came to Tea' and 'Going on a Bear Hunt' at that age.

Probably too young for craft. Mine didn't get into craft till he was 2. One good tip is that when you are on the floor next to him instead of being on the phone (which I used to be) find a book or a magazine and read. We don't read paper things as much so modelling reading is equally important.

He also began to enjoy messy play at this age. It is easier in the summer in the garden but possible to do on a small manageable scale at home.

LaContessaDiPlump Fri 19-Feb-16 07:17:43

I didn't realise how much I hated the preverbal stage until he started talking. Christ it was lovely!!

For me they are properly interesting by age 3. Hang in there :D

Lilipot15 Fri 19-Feb-16 08:14:37

I haven't been bored but my eldest at 2 is becoming much more "company" now. It's to do with language. She says lots of funny things and can be very sweet (alongside lots of "no"s and "no like it" of course). This morning she told me to "have good shower mummy" and anticipates funny bits of books and TV shows now.
Swimming is a good activity, as is the zoo and aquarium if there is one near you. She also likes helping me cook - I help her mix things - and wash up. Of course it takes longer but she feels important and is then happier.

jamtartandcustard Fri 19-Feb-16 08:55:56

Op if he is happy entertaining himself then just let him be. A child who can do that is a blessing in the long run. Nothing harder then having a child who constantly demands you play with them because they can't entertain themselves, even when talking there is only so much imaginary tea party you can sanely play! When they become interesting depends on the individual child. I know a lot of people say when they can talk but my ds1 had moderate speech delay along with a few other speech problems. He was much more interesting before he could speak properly as now he just drones on for hours and hours about minecraft (he's 7 next week!). My dsd on the other hand could talk early but at 6, is still as dull as dishwater. I guess when they develop a personality with interests that they become good (as long as it's not an obsessive interest!). My 4 year old is fascinated by the moon and stars so we have a wonderful time talking about planets.
my youngest is 7 weeks old and really rather dull. I feel guilty that I'm not interacting with him constantly whilst he's awake but really there's only so many faces I can pull. Thank god he has 4 older siblings to help!

Mumchatting Fri 19-Feb-16 14:11:12

1.5 h in the evenings is not really that much to be honest. I'm staying at home with DS and I have ALL day to plan entertainment for both of us! Lol!

I would suggest you don't have to sit with him on the floor all the time! Can he walk yet?
If not, wait until he starts walking. You won't feel bored again grin
It is maybe now short phase when you feel bored but trust me. It will get excited.
Once he walks, you could take him for the physical activity toddler groups. I find them great. I'm sure there must be some in your area. Even at weekends.

Someone has suggested swimmingpools. Another great idea for a Saturday or Sunday.

My DS is 20 months and learns new things really fast at this stage. Everyday he impresses me with something new that he learned! It's amazing to watch him!
He can speak a bit now and he understand really a lot from what I say to him. It makes life easier.

blueshoes Fri 19-Feb-16 15:10:13

when they fall asleep

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