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Best baby carrier/sling

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stqueen Tue 16-Feb-16 21:00:56

We're looking to buy a baby carrier for DD 8mo, mainly for local mooches around town, park trips etc. We're quite an active family so looking for a really sturdy, durable one with lower back support. Would prefer front carry rather than back, but outward facing.

I've been looking at the baby bjorn ones, the lastest 'model' - miracle? It's suitable for up to 20kg I think so appeals for the longevity smile I've also seen the Stokke one but is ridiculously expensive.

So wise mnetters, what are your recommendations?

doleritedinosaur Tue 16-Feb-16 21:08:06

I use the ergo 360, front & forward facing. Baby is currently 12 months & 21lbs & is very supportive as its Velcro strap around the waist, shoulder & back straps.

Was absolutely worth the money as he hates the pram.

ODog Tue 16-Feb-16 21:12:28

I would naturally avoid Stokke or baby Bjorn carriers, although I know they now do ergonomic versions that are better for baby's hips and more comfortable for the carrier. They have been notorious in the past for being not great for baby's hips and incredibly uncomfortable for carrier once baby is older than 6mo or so.

Likewise with outward front carries. There is lots of debate about how ergonomic this really is. I'm no sling expert and got to grips with a back carry very quickly which is much more comfy as baby gets bigger.

I would recommend getting to a sling library and trying different carriers. However if this is not possible any buckle carrier will probably do as long such as a connecta, Manduca, ergo. We use a toddler connecta very comfortably for front and back carries with our 20mo (who is 99th centile for height and 75th for weight). I think the newer ergos allow outward front carries if this is something you really want to do and they are generally much more comfy than a BB or similar and a similar price.


Shantotto Tue 16-Feb-16 21:16:19

Every sling will feel different for you and your baby - ideally go to a sling library and try some out.

I use a connecta and a woven wrap. I was dead set on an ergo but when I tried it it didn't work for us at all. If there isn't one near you I think there are websites that do it.

The sling library I use don't recommend forward facing - if you wanted them to face that way you'd pop them on your back.

PhilPhilConnors Tue 16-Feb-16 21:24:03

I started with a moby wrap, which was fantastic.
After a few months I switched to an ergo.

i never faced them forwards though, as it's apparently not good for the baby's hips.

stqueen Tue 16-Feb-16 21:36:53

Thank you for the recommendations, I'll take a look at the ergo 360 and others mentioned.

How do I access a sling library? clueless

Those of you not carrying front facing, do you carry back or front with baby facing you? And what do you do if you're alone (how to safely put baby in the carrier)?

cornishglos Tue 16-Feb-16 21:40:52

It was easier for us to carry on our backs once he was over 8 months-ish. Ergo is comfy enough.

TeaT1me Tue 16-Feb-16 21:41:47

I loved the ergo. I still dont like forward facing on the front, so when they were too heavy/uncomfortable on the frotn I used on the back. Worked out how to swing her over my back on my own smile Easy after a few times but hard at first, practice over the bed!

ODog Tue 16-Feb-16 21:45:27

I both front (parent facing) and back carry my toddler (well up until a couple of weeks ago when he has not wanted to go up sad) in a connecta and also use a ring sling for hip carries. This is good for days out where he wants to see stuff (eg zoo, farm etc). Parent facing front carries are good for when he is tired and back carries for longer walks/getting somewhere quickly.

It's very straightforward to get baby in/out of sling alone with a bit of practise. Do it a few times at home over your bed until you are confident.

Most sling libraries have a Facebook page or similar which might be a good place to start. I found out about our local one through friends.

TheABC Tue 16-Feb-16 21:56:42

Another vote here for a back carrier. Google is your friend for sling libraries and you may also find local groups on facebook. I favour my toddler hawk mei tai, but my friends swear by their ergo. The best carrier is the one that works for you, so trialling a few before buying is the best way forward!

Just be prepared to have your ears talked off and your neck drooled on, when DD falls asleep on your shoulder...

Bounced Tue 16-Feb-16 21:57:16

If you google 'sling library' and your area you'll find one, I think. Really worth doing, slings that are brilliant one one person are awful on someone else - it's a bit like shoes. For example, I found padding on the waist made me much less comfy, weirdly, so a Connecta suited me but an Ergo didn't.

For back carries, I'm a complete klutz and managed them, so anyone can! I used to put her in as though for a front carry and then suck my tummy in and swing her around to the back, holding the straps so there was no way she could fall out.

minipie Tue 16-Feb-16 22:28:57

Beco Gemini. Does everything you want (incl forward facing) but much much comfier for you and better for baby than a Bjorn. Seems to suit different body shapes too (I'm 5'3 and small framed, my friend is 5'10 and broad framed and we both have the Gemini and love it). It has a very solid waist/hip belt so the weight is carried mainly on your hips rather than shoulders or back. I carry my very fat 11mo old in it no problem.

Upper weight limit is 16kg - that's how much my 75th centile 3year old weighs, so don't think you need more weight limit than this unless you want to sling into school age...

bramble16 Tue 16-Feb-16 22:31:31

I have a Lenny Lamb which is amazing. Dh and I both use it, really easy to adjust and DS loves it. It's a front carrier but really comfy. Agree the best thing would be to find your local sling library and give lots of them a try.

cookiefiend Tue 16-Feb-16 22:39:36

Lillebaby complete is awesome- goes up to a really high weight (can't remember how heavy but she 4/5 ish on average) and works from newborn. It has brilliant lumbar support can go on front back and hip and forward face more ergonomically than some carriers. IF you can't get to a sling library I think john Lewis sell them. I have used and love the sling heaven website where you can get advice via a questionnaire if it helps.

stqueen Wed 17-Feb-16 11:40:06

Well, in spectacular unheard of fashion, I made some enquiries last night, and by sheer luck my local sling library had their monthly session this morning ! Booked a slot & have come away with lots of advice & a carrier on a 6-week loan. I had the last slot of the morning so a few of the above recommended carriers had gone, but I loved the feel & carry of the Boba 4G, so we've gone for that. No forward facing carry option on this one either smile

Any reviews or thoughts on this carrier?

Anyway, thank you all, where would I be without mn!

Bounced Fri 19-Feb-16 13:43:25

Glad it worked out, how are you getting on with it? Personally I found the less structured ones better (I ended up with a Connecta, a mei tai and a Wompat) but it really is so individual.

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