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WWYD 4 year old unhappy all day at preschool

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Footofthestairs Mon 15-Feb-16 16:03:43

DS (4) has always been a reluctant attendee at preschool. Clingy and tearful when he first started. Settled in ok and began going in happily. Originally did 3 mornings a week. Upped to include a whole day on a Weds so to get used to having lunch at school before starting primary in Sept. Seemed to be going ok. Then just before Xmas he began getting very upset about staying for lunch and going all day. Has now regressed to tears/screaming and clinging on going in on a Weds. On other mornings when he's not staying he'll go without tears. I don't need him to go all day for childcare reasons as I'm at home that day. Should I persevere with all day or just drop it back to morning only? Not sure what would be best. Any suggestions?

starpatch Tue 16-Feb-16 20:56:34

Most primary schools have to let reception children go part-time until term after they are five (unless they are church schools, academies etc). So I guess that might be an option for you if you want to go back to mornings at preschool. You have option to start him parttime at reception then increase when you are ready. I am not exactly giving advice we have had longest settling process ever with my DS in playgroup he settles then something sets him back again!

waterrat Tue 16-Feb-16 21:33:06

Well. ..maybe by school he will feel differently? It's not achieving it's purpose of settling him in any way si I would drop it.

I think as adults we can forget how long a period of a few months is to children. By September he will be in a different place emotinally and may feel differently about school

My son only does morning pre school and im not planning on doing full days until school.

Footofthestairs Wed 17-Feb-16 03:02:13

Thanks, I think we're going to drop the afternoon and hope he settles and is happier just doing mornings.

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