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Good 'generic' steriliser that fits a range of bottles?

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milkyman Sat 13-Feb-16 14:35:33

Have bought T Tippee bottles but last ds ended up using Dr Browns. Want an electric steriliser but one that fits different bottles should we change makes. Any ideas?

KatyN Sun 14-Feb-16 12:42:41

we have the avent steriliser, there is no specific but for the bottles etc so I assume any bottle would fit in.

absterfabster21 Mon 15-Feb-16 08:07:23

A cold water steriliser. Or any deep Tupperware box would do. Just add fluid or tablets.

amysmummy12345 Mon 15-Feb-16 08:14:06

We had the tommee tippee oval shaped one and got loads of different makes in there. Depending on the tallness of the bottle, might have to do away with the top tier tray though....

Scarydinosaurs Mon 15-Feb-16 08:18:17

Do you have a microwave? I used the Dr Brown microwave one and that was great- could use any brand and really easy to store.

babyconverse Mon 15-Feb-16 20:15:04

Avent one has been used with tommee tippee, mam, nuk -will carry how many you can do in one go. I had a cold water steriliser and found it a faff compared to microwave but I'd rate that too as it works perfectly well.

ooosaidooo Tue 16-Feb-16 07:32:32

With the last 2 DCs I just bought the largest Lock and lock container I could find and turned it into a cold water steriliser, I had 3 different brands in there at one point.

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