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nappy rash linked to my diet?

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Tilzbilz2402 Fri 12-Feb-16 19:57:07


My little boy is 2 weeks old and has had a terribly sore bottom for a week. I'm changing his nappy every 2--3 hours, giving him air time and slathering him in matenium and its gone down a bit but not much.

Could it be linked to the food I'm eating? His poo is yellow with little seeds and sometimes it is more solid but generally very watery.

Any tips greatly received

SecretSpy Fri 12-Feb-16 19:59:58

It's extremely unlikely. Is the rash dotty looking? If yes metanium probably isn't the best thing. If not, use it very thinly, be stingy with it.

Seedy yellow poo is totally normal.

ODog Sun 14-Feb-16 06:37:42

Have you tried sudocrem or other brands? Maybe the metanium doesn't agree with him? You say you are changing every 2-3hrs but are you changing as soon as there is a poo? At that age my DS did a poo whenever he des which was pretty much constantly.

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