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sleep time nap time makes me feel guilty

(14 Posts)
Murphyslaw21 Tue 09-Feb-16 15:40:36

Every time I put DD down for a nap or bed she lays their talking could be up to an hour. If you stay in room she cries as she don't want to go to sleep even whilst rubbing eyes, even rolling eyes. So I always put her down with dummy in mouth come downstairs and listen to her chatting to herself for anything up to an hour.

Her latest thing in rolling her toungue making rrrrrrrr sounds.

She is not crying, but I feel so guilty like I've left her alone to play. She always goes off.
Like I say no crying etc. Just chatting
Does anyone go through this.

Friendlystories Tue 09-Feb-16 15:51:05

She sounds perfectly happy to me, she would soon let you know by crying if she wasn't! Even though it takes a while she's self soothing and settling on her own, that's good, nothing at all to feel guilty about. Far better (for you and her) that she will happily lie in her cot and chat to herself than the kind of baby that cries every time you put her down and will only settle on you, I know because my DD was that baby and it's exhausting. Honestly she sounds a very happy, contented little girl and you're doing great flowers

Murphyslaw21 Tue 09-Feb-16 15:54:02

Thanks fern . I'm sitting downstairs and she has been chatting away for twenty minutes now. Every now and again she goes quiet so I think she will soon go off. I said to hubby other day "I hope she don't feel like she has been abandoned on her own.". He said if she weren't happy she would be crying. Just feel guilty. God knows why

icklekid Tue 09-Feb-16 15:56:10

My ds used to cry himself to sleep I'm fairly sure that's worse. When I was there he wouldn't go to sleep but needed to! He now just goes straight to sleep without any fuss.

Cleensheetsandbedding Tue 09-Feb-16 15:59:49

She is doing great and is very happy with her own company. My dd liked to nod off on her own steam, it's a fab skill she has learned. Be proud of her smile

swquestion Tue 09-Feb-16 16:19:38

My little guy has done this since about six months and he's now 15 months. I wouldn't worry about it plus I love hearing the range of sounds, raspberries etc. Sometimes he wakes at 5.30am has a bit of milk, we go back to bed and he'll stay in is a cot for 90 mins singing to himself and cuddling his toys. I never get him up before 7 so he has learnt to do this. And he never cries so reckon he must be happy.

SmallBee Tue 09-Feb-16 22:05:42

My 2yo DD has done this for months now, I think it's brilliant. She's quite happy chatting to her toys, she's still resting and some of the stuff she comes up with is hilarious. Her toys were treated to a story last night about how I needed a ladder to reach her toys (this has never happened but I am very short)

No need to feel guilty, if she wants you I'm sure she'll let you know and in the meantime enjoy the break!

Murphyslaw21 Wed 10-Feb-16 08:20:02

After reading your replies I realise that I'm feeling guilty for nothing. Last night she blew raspberries for an hour. She is obviously quiet happy. This morning she woke at 7am chatting away.

Marzipants Wed 10-Feb-16 08:23:31

My DS 4 still chats away when he goes to bed. No idea how his little brother gets to sleep first, but he always does! I think they're just processing the day.

Gillian1980 Wed 10-Feb-16 16:18:15

My DD does this too and I just leave her to it. When she wakes in the morning she'll happily entertain herself for 30-40 minutes, laughing, babbling and blowing raspberries. I enjoy this little lie-in, watching or listening on the monitor.

If she sounds at all unhappy I go straight in but otherwise I leave her to it.

magpie17 Wed 10-Feb-16 16:53:47

DS does this too. He can chatter away for up to half an hour before falling asleep and I just watch/listen to him on the monitor. He also wakes once or twice in the night sometimes and does the same thing, I just ignore him and he goes back to sleep. If he was crying or seemed unhappy I would intervene and I wouldn't leave him hungry or dirty obviously, but neither would you I'm sure!

My DS has a couple of soft toys he plays with while he jabbers on and seems perfectly content. I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were you.

MauriceMossMug Wed 10-Feb-16 17:24:55

My DD does this as well. Chats and sings and plays in her cot for up to an hour before falling asleep.
She's going through a regression at the moment and at some point in the early hours of the morning, between 1 and 5, we get woke up by her chatting to herself again.
Never cries, never grumbles. Just chats for a while and goes back to sleep.
I've learnt the hard way to leave her to it until she tells me she's ready to come out.

pointythings Wed 10-Feb-16 19:54:48

I think it's great that she can happily self-settle. Clearly she has a strong attachment with you and is a happy little soul.

Murphyslaw21 Wed 10-Feb-16 21:58:15

Pointy she is such a happy little soul. Don't get me wrong as soon as I put her in cot she will cry for 5 mins. But literally 5 mins then she is off chatting. Then eventually sleep . She seems very content

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