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Playdate with 3 x 10-year-olds

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ClaudoftheRings Tue 09-Feb-16 10:35:13

I'd love some advice on playdate etiquette for my Dss and his two friends (all aged 10) please.

He had one of the friends over a couple of weekends ago for a sleepover and it went well. Now he wants that friend to come for the day (no sleepover) along with another friend from their class.

Parents will drop off and collect and times are yet to be agreed but is it the norm for them to stay for lunch AND dinner?

If they come at say 10am and are collected at 5pm then surely seven hours is long enough?

Also, any advice or tips on how to ensure that three play as nicely as two (esp on x-Box with two controllers etc) would be appreciated.

Robertaquimby Tue 09-Feb-16 10:45:32

Just lunch or dinner. Not both. You need to talk to your dss about the two controllers issue in advance and get him to come up with a plan. And think about what else they might do. Are the allowed to play out if the weather is ok? If not I would be planning something else if you are going to have them all day. Table tennis, swimmimg, bike ride, lego, cooking lunch of their choice?

rainbowunicorn Tue 09-Feb-16 22:26:19

Get him to see if one of the friends can bring their xbox controller with them, that sis what our kids do saves a lot of arguing

ClaudoftheRings Wed 10-Feb-16 10:17:07

Thanks all - really helpful. They will definitely be out playing football and not just festering in front of the computer.

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