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Pushchairs: Mothercare Roam vs OBaby Zezu vs Oyster 2

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Augustina123 Sun 07-Feb-16 21:39:55

Not quite sure whether this is the right forum, but I'm looking for some advice on pushchairs.

We're looking for one that can be used from birth, is reasonably sturdy (though won't need to go fully cross-country), but not too big in city traffic/buses either. Storage space in the house isn't an issue, though folding to a reasonable size to put in the boot of a small-ish car would be handy.

Our current shortlist is between the Oyster 2, Mothercare Roam and OBaby Zezu Pramette.

I've read lots of reviews online, but some personal experiences of these three pushchairs would be great (especially on the Obaby Zezu Pramette, as we haven't been able to see it in a shop yet, so just going by what we've found online).

Thank you! smile

RedCrab Fri 12-Feb-16 04:49:19

I have the Obaby and my God, I love it. I wish I'd known about it for DS - previously I had the city jogger mini. But my DD was/is super Velcro bsby and so I needed something like the Bugaboo that was rear facing and could be forward facing later on. It's wonferful. It's like a Bugaboo only much cheaper and in some ways, better. The wheels are brilliant - we live in London but have a big forest near us and it's handled muddy tracks all winter. We live in a flat so I have to back wheel it up 20 steps, which it is light enough to and even better - it fits in that tiny space between those stand up chair things on the tube. The handle folds flat back on itself too so it's like a transformer - it just sort of folds up with baby still inside.

It's basically my perfect buggy. Folds back into bassinet, parent facing with two reclines - fully sat up or slightly reclined, forward facing and even has extension to turn into a double buggy (for my secret plans for DC3). It had big ass wheels but feels light, not bulky. I love it. We got it when DD was six months so didn't need to use the actual bassinet but it's so easy to assemble - no needing to buy anything extra as it all comes with. I love it. Love it.

Hope that helps smile

RedCrab Fri 12-Feb-16 09:06:48

Basically my love for the Zezu is that I chose the city jogger for DS because I needed the longevity of up to three or four years but light and hardy and easily foldable. And it would have been perfect if it had been reversible to parent facing (at the time the city joggers versa wasn't out). So I feel like I missed out on that lovely pushing-your-baby-around-in-a-pram feeling.

The zezu is literally everything I could ask for. Bassinet, sit up parent facing, forward facing, longevity of up to age three or four, light, hardy, easily foldable with seat in, great handling, compact and just great quality on the inside padding and hood. That it comes ready made with a bassinet and rain cover and bar is amazing because you don't need to buy any extras.

Perhaps the Mothercare one is just as good - I don't know - but I am seriously in love with the zezu.

Augustina123 Tue 16-Feb-16 21:46:00

Thanks a lot, RedCrab!

Fantastic to hear that you're getting on so well with the Obaby Zezu. Especially helpful because it looks as if the Zezu was only available online and I'm not keen on ordering something as costly as a pram only to have a look at it and then return, so knowing that people really liked the Zezu is very helpful in making us make up our minds.

I happened to walk past Mamas & Papas today and had a look around there, too - saw another travel system I quite liked (Mamas & Papas Zoom) at a similar price, but that one is a 3-wheeler, so still liking the sound of the Obaby Zezu better as a 4-wheeler just seems that little bit more stable.

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