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First Shoes: Advice

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araminem Sun 07-Feb-16 18:58:38

Our DS (1yo) started walking recently so we need to buy him shoes to walk in outside (we have indoor soft shoes for him that he has been wearing with no problems). Today we went to buy him his first pair: small boots. We put them on him and he's OK(ish) but as soon as we try to get him to stand he cries and cries and cries (and continues even when they are off). He is not normally like this.

So: Any advice as to how we can get him more comfortable with shoes? Or what kind of shoes we should be buying? (we can return the shoes with no issues). Help! Have not really seen DS cry like this before!

moggle Sun 07-Feb-16 19:06:15

Was he comfy in them in the shop? Are they quite stiff- the softer and lighter the better really especially the soles. My DD (14mo) has been walking for two months but is still in Clarks "cruisers". She barely actually walks outside, maybe a few times a week. It's usually too wet or cold or she just sits down and wants to be carried. When we bought her first shoes, she refused to walk in some of the stiffer shoes but was toddling around in the bendy cruisers. Now though she will wear shoes with stiffer soles so I think it's a question of getting used to them too.
Also - have you heard of barefoot shoes- they are great for foot development, very bendy and comfy. Have a Google. When we grow out of the cruiser sizes we'll be getting some barefoot type shoes or boots for her, not Clarks.

jules1308 Sun 07-Feb-16 19:06:40

Until children have been walking a while, they tend to curl their toes to help keep their balance. So it could be that the harder sole is uncomfortable for him and he's not quite ready.
I worked in a children's shoe shop for years and we would always recommend holding off on shoes until they're walking pretty confidently and with uncurled toes.
I'd leave him barefoot as much as you can and maybe try with the shoes again in a couple of weeks.
Hope that helps, good luck!

Bounced Sun 07-Feb-16 19:12:20

Try some Stonz for outside - they're waterproof but very soft and flexible. You can buy liners or I just used a pair of welly socks. They go on for ever, mine are in their third kid and still going strong. And they have a lot more growing room than standard shoes, so they last a good while.

araminem Sun 07-Feb-16 19:15:07

Thank you for your advice! I'm not in the UK and the service here in shops is quite dire. So we got no advice whatsoever - besides: these are the only one we have in his size.

So you would say hold off as long as possible. And softer shoes. I guess we did everything wrong grin as we went for solid (to keep his feet nice and dry and warm as we live in a cold and wet place). Will go check the other local shoe store where we can hopefully get some better advice as well as it is independent. Not holding much hope though!

pinkcan Sun 07-Feb-16 19:19:25

Boots can be uncomfortable for small kids. My dd begged for them when she was about 4/5, stood up in them in the shop and said she couldn't walk as their were odd.

araminem Sun 07-Feb-16 19:20:53

Ah! moggie no he was not comfortable in them, but they were the only option! We had the idea that he might get used to them but now we are rethinking. We did confirm that we can return them as we were buying so that is not a problem.

I will look into barefoot shoes. It didn't even occur to me!

KP86 Sun 07-Feb-16 19:22:36

First shoes take some getting used to. I remember my DS looking at his shoes (which were feather light sandals) like they were bricks!

They might be uncomfortable, or they might just be different. Have a few more goes and see what your child says.

But no shoes or soft shoes is fine as well. As a PP said, until he's a bit older there won't be much outdoor walking anyway.

If you are confident in his size, you can also check eBay if that's available to you. That's what I've been doing for my DS's shoes.

DaffyDuck88 Sun 07-Feb-16 19:42:02

Would definitely recommend ensuring you have the right size and more importantly the right style of shoe/boot for your little one's stage of walking. Were they properly measured? If yes, then you need to find something with the right sole. Have you heard of Bobux? They have very clearly defined ranges for each stage of walking and a really great range of styles.
Priority one: You need a sole that is as flexible as possible, as ideally you want baby walking barefoot (or simulating that) as long as possible. Obviously outdoors this isn't always an option - so depending on just how confident you little one's walking is, would recommend the Bobux Xplorer or Step-Up ranges, the latter if they are walking really confidently. The little Jodphur boots are a classic, really flexible sole. Bobux have a nice wide-ish t fit so once you've found the best pair that stay on you know their feet are protected and not constrained. Some brands you might find you need to size up but don't find this as much with Bobux. My little one has been in them from early on and they are fantastically reliable.

When you fit their shoes you are looking for some room at the front, the local shop I work in recommends a thumbs width at the front maximum. Gives you room to grow. Love shoes for little ones, sorry the shop you went to wasn't that helpful. Good luck shopping!

araminem Mon 08-Feb-16 08:39:38

Ok. So our plan of action is: wait a bit longer to actually get him shoes and go to the local independent shoe store where we hopefully get a bit more help. And, in the end, he needs to get used to wearing shoes! So start with something softer.

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