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Reducing milk supply - problems with engorgement

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BexusSugarush Sat 06-Feb-16 18:21:44

After 5 weeks of breastfeeding I have moved my baby into formula due to severe nipple trauma and an inability to latch properly (we have seen professional consultants and there is nothing wrong with baby, position or latch - it was actually suggested I consider moving on from breastfeeding as the physical and emotional pain I was experiencing we're affecting my bonding with my baby) and I have some concerns involving reducing my milk supply.

A week ago I stopped breastfeeding and instead expressed milk using a pump, but that was too painful to continue. However, I know I cannot just go cold turkey so it was suggested I only hand-express enough milk to relieve pain, and my milk supply should get the message within a week or two.

What I need is a little reassurance that this will happen, from anyone who has done this themselves.

I currently hand-express up to 1oz of milk every few hours, but if I go any longer than that I am crying in pain from how engorged my breasts are. I can't currently hold my baby, it's so bad. I'm worried that if I express any more than that, my supply won't slow down quickly enough, but it's awful that an hour after expressing I'm in pain again. Has anyone else experienced this, or have any suggestions?

[Please don't comment about how I should see more lactation consultants or make more effort to breastfeed - 4 weeks in pain and misery were enough for me; we got off to a bad start feeding, baby lost weight then cluster fed 20-hours a day for two weeks. I appreciate that breast is best but I am happy with my decision to move on and only want help implementing that.]

KatyN Sat 06-Feb-16 19:23:44

I didn't breast feed at all so might have a different experience but I left mine full didn't express at all. Boobs were like rocks for under a week. I was told that if I tried to express any it might extend the time of pain!
Wear a tight fitting bra all the time (even in the bath). Take maximum ibruprofen and maybe try cooking gel pads.
It will get better

minipie Sat 06-Feb-16 22:08:27

Poor you, engorgement is horrible. The key is to avoid any lumps or blockages developing while you wait for your boobs to get the message.

How long have you been expressing 1oz only for?

Sage tea and savoy cabbage leaves in your bra are both supposed to help reduce supply (and the leaves are soothing if cold).

Taking lecithin granules can help avoid blockages.

Those microwaveable heat pads can also help relieve any hard or sore patches.

Best of luck and sorry you had a tough BF experience.

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