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Babys first vaccinations. Sleepy. Should i just leave her to sleep or wake her??

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mrsjoker35 Wed 03-Feb-16 20:43:57

Usually if shes extra sleepy and doesn't wake up for her feed I'll just wake her to feed her and to just get her up for a little while lol ,lazy baby
But it's creeping up to 4 hours (she had some paracetamol earlier) and shes just not even showing any sign of wakening! Should i leave her to sleep? Or should i continue to get her up to feed?

Topsy34 Wed 03-Feb-16 21:51:23

One of the side effects of the pcv is sleepiness.

Is she responding to you if you irritate her? So rub her cheek or chest, does she stir? Does she have a temperature?

If she doesn't respond and has a high temp (over 37.5) then i would call 111 and get advice

If she is responding to that, then i would keep checking on her and let her sleep, but be ready when she wakes she will be really hungry!

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