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caught in the act! have we scarred her for life!!!

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Madnson Wed 03-Feb-16 08:44:23

5yo dd caught me and dh last night having sex.

Nothing to exciting just missionary position, so she wouldn't of been anything bat his bare bum. Lots of questions the followed about the noise and what daddy was doing blush

Said he was just tickling me. She seemed to accept it and pondered back off to bed but bloody hell she talks constantly. I work weds so mil takes her to school and I am hoping the conversation of daddy tickling mummy with no undies on doesn't get discussed although I'm sure it will. Urrrgggh! blushblushblush

AlisonWunderland Wed 03-Feb-16 08:47:32

Emigrate or go NC with all family and friends.
It's your only hope

Chinks123 Wed 03-Feb-16 08:52:45

Oh wow grin we've been caught in the act too, and my DP told DD we were dancing!!!! Thankfully she's 2 so wasn't aware anyway, but I felt awful blush It happens though these kids can really be silent when they want to sneak up on you.

GastonsPomPomWrath Wed 03-Feb-16 08:53:57

While dh and I were fumbling around under the duvet, 6yr old dd managed to sneak into the room and hide under the bed. I heard a giggle, look into the mirror on dh's side of the bed and could see her staring with a huge grin.


GastonsPomPomWrath Wed 03-Feb-16 08:54:41

Gah posted too soon...

Apparently she was playing hide and seek with her siblings! blush

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Wed 03-Feb-16 08:59:22

As someone who accidentally walked in on her parents...

Yes. Yes you have.

<sits rocking in the corner>

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