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Birthday marquee in Feb??

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honeydue3 Tue 02-Feb-16 23:33:04

It's my DDs 1st birthday party and we are throwing a party at home for family/close friends but our house needs some extra space for all the people.
Im thinking of hire a marquee to be attached at the back of the house onto the patio. I was told a blow heater will be suitable to warm up the space and I will also hire carpet to be put down.
Has anyone had experience of hiring a marquee in winter?
Will this be ok for children as well as adults to use?
How can I make it child friendly and a space they will want to use instead of running upstairs into the bedrooms? smile

rainbowunicorn Wed 03-Feb-16 11:52:34

If you are having a party involving that many people for a 1 year old you would be better hiring a local hall. A marquee in Feb is really not something I would risk as the weather is so changeable. If you hire a hall the it is all in one space, warm and no mess in your house.

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