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How will my 3.5 ds cope with new baby?

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milkyman Mon 01-Feb-16 17:48:21

Baby due soon and worried about ds. We have such a special relationship and so much attention! Will he change or do they adapt quickly. Dh hoping to get 6 weeks off after birth - do you think this will help?

MargaretHale Mon 01-Feb-16 17:59:30

That will help massively! My DS was 3.5 when number 2 arrived two months ago. Throughout my pregnancy DS1 was not looking forward to having a brother but he's dealt with it so so well and rushes over to comfort DS2 when he cries and frequently tells me how much DS2 loves him and vice versa. I play up how much DS 2 admires him, loves watching him etc.

The main thing that helped us was ensuring all grandparents, relatives etc made a massive fuss of DS1 and acted nonchalant about meeting DS2.

Also DS2 arrived with a present, something DS1 has been asking for for months. That didn't hurt!

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