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Anyone else's baby have a tongue tie & high palate?

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Chris1989 Sun 31-Jan-16 13:50:57

I've got a 14 week old baby boy and I'm a bit concerned about his palate (roof of his mouth).

He was born tongue tied and still is (it hasn't been picked up by anyone but I'll be raising it with a doctor), and we've noticed the roof his mouth is a bit unusually high - I'll put a picture below.

I don't think it's causing him any problems, he's bottle fed and drinks fairly well (I did think it was a bit less than it should be but he's gaining weight and has lots of wet/dirty nappies), and he's very happy in himself. Just wondering if anyone has had a baby with the same problem?

Thanks 😊

dpkm325 Tue 03-Dec-19 04:00:14

Hello, very old thred but my daughter has a high palate (discovered by health nurse) and I am awaiting to see a doctor. As your baby, feeds well, gaining weight, happy. No tounge tie and the palate is not arched. Have you found any speech problems or are there any concerns about your child’s palate? Can’t find much on the web when the palate is high but not arched

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