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go the chuff to sleep

(5 Posts)
stillnotjustamummy Sun 31-Jan-16 02:46:59

It's 02.44. I have literally not had more than an hours sleep and am getting to the broken stage. Baby will not sleep in her baby bay, or take a bottle, and DH is in the bed meaning no bloody space there. I have moved to the sofa and am full of rage. Someone remind that this horrible stage will pass.

Petradreaming Sun 31-Jan-16 02:56:16

I feel your pain. This little boy was a great sleeper until 3 weeks ago. It's awful.

Moving15 Sun 31-Jan-16 02:57:35

Yes it will pass. Just let the baby be glued to you and rest on the sofa. It takes more energy to resist! One day you will have your revenge on all of them haha. I resorted to box sets at times like this. I hope you can catch up on a bit of sleep to top you back up to survival mode during the day tomorrow xx

stillnotjustamummy Sun 31-Jan-16 03:18:06

Thanks! Sadly the bigger two will keep us active tomorrow. This one treats me like a buffet. I wish I could get her to take a bottle for a proper feed then we could both get some sleep than than a few sips every 45 minutes and screeching if the boob is removed!

ODog Sun 31-Jan-16 07:16:54

My DS was the same. I ended up feeding in bed laying down and was able to snooze while he fed. It was the only way I survived. Sometimes he would fall asleep still attached and wake and just start feeding again, I don't think I was fully conscious most of the time. Just make sure you have your bed set up safely for cosleeping.

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