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Mouth Injury- argh

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RabbitRabbit1 Wed 27-Jan-16 21:32:21

I'm a first time mum so apologies for the neuroses! I just put my 10mo lo dd to bed and getting her dressed post bath she banged her chin on the bed. Cue lots of tears and some blood. She calmed down quickly and I gave her a bottle and put her down as usual to sleep. She seems fine but should I be concerned / keeping her up. I am having all kinds of doubts, the few teeth she has are in tact I think (was difficult to check). Argh! Sorry didn't know where to post but reassurance would be great. DH out!!

Topsy34 Thu 28-Jan-16 03:31:47

Ds1 did similar, smacked his mouth on the bath, lots of blood but cuddles soon sorted him out

His front tooth was always wonky after but the dentist said just to watch it if it discolours or becomes loose.

Topsy34 Thu 28-Jan-16 03:32:27

Hope you are both ok, its so scary!

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