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Justonemore2016 Mon 25-Jan-16 14:26:13

This is my first time posting on Mumsnet and I'm looking for some advice.

My best friend and I have had a falling out and although I want to fix it, I cannot support her decision and listen to her....

So we both have a child each (my daughter is a little older than her son) and she was telling me that she refuses to allow her son to have any contacted with his step mum. She was never in a relationship with the Dad but she has always controlled access and the Dad has gone along with it... the Dad has been with his wife now for 3 years (only recently got married) and he wants his son to spend time with his wife as a family but my friend is refusing. I have not always agreed with her parenting skills but she loves her son very much and does things with the best of intention anyway our conversation got quite heated and she walked out of my house...

I truly believe she is wrong to stop her son from having a proper relationship with his Dad, instead of X hours at the weekend. Her son would love to spend more time with his Dad and has said so openly but she will just not listen. The step-mum is a nice person and there are no problems with her but I think my friend just wants to be in control but her son is missing out...

I'm not sure where to go from here.. is anyone have any suggestions to help her see sense?

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