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How can we change how little did sleeps?

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Minirocky Wed 20-Jan-16 21:12:25

Hi first time poster. Am having awful problems with dd2. She was diagnosed with cmpi and reflux at 2 months. Apti pepti with infant gaviscon, helped but made her constipated then swooped to omeprazol. The meds were fantastic for reflux and she's dairy free. But now at 13 months sleep is awful. Never been a good sleeper but has got worse and worse to the point I'm at end of my tether. Goes to bed at 7.30ish (falls asleep on me) then is awake throughout evening on and off then wide awake by 1am and normally back to sleep around 3or 4am. Has anyone had any issues with omeprazol? Checked side effects and it can cause insomnia in 1 in 100 people. Tried alldifferent things to help with sleep, nothing working. Any advice please????

ODog Thu 21-Jan-16 07:14:19

Not sure about medication side effects but just in case it's unrelated. My DS's sleep went really downhill around that age (wasn't fantastic beforehand either). I read somewhere that they can start to become aware of being trapped in a cot/grobag and not being able to get mummy and daddy if they need to so find it hard to settle and/or refuse to go in the cot. We moved him to a toddler bed and got him a pillow and duvet and his sleep improved overnight. Maybe with a try in case it's not related to meds??

Minirocky Thu 21-Jan-16 07:47:15

Thanks for replying. She has s duvet and pillow in her cot but you may be right about the cot as she's not happy in it at all.

Pocket1 Thu 21-Jan-16 18:12:03

My DD (now 2.5) was diagnosed at 4 months with dairy intolerance and reflux. Nutramigen formula plus omeprazol fixed her overnight. She's never been a great sleeper though - I wonder if they just get used to the cuddles.

She is better now and sleeps 7pm- 1am in her own bed but we did have to do a bit of sleep training to get to that point but we still bring her into bed with us when she wakes every night!

Do you think it's possible your LO has other food allergies? Ours did so it may be worth asking your gp to refer you for tests.

On the positive side we've managed to introduce dairy over the last year and DD has milk, yoghurt and cheese regularly without an issue.

Hope that helps a bit smile

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