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Childs father bullying behaviour

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Dolcevita01 Mon 18-Jan-16 14:37:41

Just need advice, I split up from my childs father when she was nine months old. This was due to me doing all of the work and him mentally abusing me during and after pregnancy to the point where I was suffering panic attacks. He would work away and leave me no money to buy food or nappies or even milk. He would shout and me infront on the child, and regularly tell me nobody, including our daughter, would care if I was dead. When I brought the child home he got angry over the (that he didnt buy) and told me that 'he didnt even want it anyway' refering to my daughter. I was very vunerable when I was pregnant and in hindsight, I should have left before the birth. It took me about seven months to recover. I turned into a pale meek person.

He would try to get back together when I was firmly against it. He then cut child maintenance and I had to call the CSA. After a year of supervised visitation, he is allowed to have her on his own for a few hours on the weekend with his parents but now he wants his girlfriend to meet her with who has has another child with, he got her pregnant straight after I left him. She has had anorexia and mental health issues. I dont want my child to meet her or spend anytime with her. Dont get me wrong, I have friends who have suffered with eating disorders but I dont know this woman. I dont see why I should have to have to share my child with her when she has her own. I look after my daughter full time AND work AND study a degree. Why should this random person and her dad reap the benefits of my hard work?! He is threatening me with legal action if I dont do what he says. My child is three. Advice appreciated!

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