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Who else is a massive worry wart?!

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Ftm2015 Sat 16-Jan-16 16:04:11

I am a ftm to a lb who is 14 weeks old. He is generally a content and happy baby and I feel I have been blessed with such a good child.

Here comes the but....I suffer from high anxiety. It's associated with a phobia which I won't go into on this post but my general stance is that I worry about stuff all the time.

Here are a few examples of what I worry about:

He is sleeping too much
He is sleeping too little
He is not feeding enough
I am feeding him too much
When he gets immunised it will make him poorly (even though every time he has had them he has been fine)
He will never sleep through the night
I don't keep him entertained enough

This is just a handful of things I worry about and it changes every day...he is a healthy happy baby so why oh God why do I feel like this??

Is this normal or am I just a nutter?! hmm

Poppybella2015 Sat 16-Jan-16 19:43:14

I worry about everything too. Down to silly things like do they eat too much bread?? I have no idea if this is normal or not!

StarChaser99 Sat 16-Jan-16 19:48:11

I am the same, and my DD is 2. I worry every day. I have just put DD down to bed and I am worried she might get too hot (she hates being cold so is well wrapped up because it's snowing). I worry that I am not a good enough parent, that I am somehow failing her, that I don't feed her/entertain her/stimulate her well enough, and that's just the small things (there are a whole host of wider worries). I don't know if it's normal to worry all the time, but I wanted you to know you're not alone.

hugsarealwaysneededhere1 Sat 16-Jan-16 20:11:22

Normal - it gets worse I'm sorry to say!

BuffytheDamnLyrePlayer Sat 16-Jan-16 20:18:30

Yes! About literally everything you could possibly imagine, food, sleep, friends, school, future husbands/wives, dangerous drivers, bikes, foxes..... It's pretty exhausting sometimes and one of my major worries is that I'll pass my anxiety onto my children...

Ftm2015 Sat 16-Jan-16 21:39:52

My sister has told me it only gets worse as he will get older!! confusedHonestly sometimes I think I am out of my mind but thanks ladies for reassuring me that it is relatively normal as a parent. I will always always find something to worry about....

Whataboutnodetox Sat 16-Jan-16 21:41:58

I don't think it necessarily gets worse. I have two kids now and I don't worry nearly as much as I did in the first six months. CBT helped with my general anxiety and worries and I find those techniques useful.

Ftm2015 Sat 16-Jan-16 21:42:42

Sorry also forgot to say I worry I may pass the anxiety onto my child too. They are very perceptive so it's difficult to hide your worry and feelings xx

Ftm2015 Sat 16-Jan-16 21:43:51

Yes I spoke to my doctor and she recommended counselling as she says every parent worries but my anxiety and worry is excessive due to my general anxiety X

Pointlessfan Sat 16-Jan-16 21:44:13

I think it's natural to worry about these things as a ftm, it's not like babies come with instructions!

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