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14 month old still very sicky

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Nutgirl Fri 15-Jan-16 08:37:35

DS2 is 14 months and is still very sicky every day. It is worse after he has eaten or had a big drink of water. A lot of the time he just burps and swallows the sick back down (so gross I know, sorry) but about 5-10 times a day he pukes over himself or the floor. He is not remotely bothered by it but it stinks and I'm so fed of cleaning up puke from the carpet and changing clothes. He is very active so I guess running around brings it back up again.

Both my boys were very sicky babies and I know that if theye proper pukers then it doesn't stop once they start solids. But I'm pretty sure DS1 had stopped by 14 months? I guess I'm just after some reassurance that this is normal and there is nothing wrong with his digestive health.


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