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Would you use a pushchair that had gone mouldy?

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MintyBojingles Thu 14-Jan-16 20:30:31

Just that really. Left our uppababy vista in the car over Christmas, and it grew mould on the seat and the basket. DH has wiped it thoroughly with diluted bleach and it looks fine, but I'm worried about spores still being in there.

DD is 16 months, but we are expecting DC2 in August so I want to use it again - DD outgrew the carrycot at 4 months, so I'd probably be putting a 4 month old in the but that's gone mouldy and really don't think it sounds safe!

Scotinoz Fri 15-Jan-16 02:25:44

Yes. Give it a good scrub and it'll be fine 😊

GossamerApronStrings Fri 15-Jan-16 03:39:21

I wouldn't, but I'm a bit paranoid about mold. In fairness, I'm allergic to it and have asthma....

Is it possible to order a replacement seat?

SeoulSista Fri 15-Jan-16 03:42:33

Can you remove the seat and put it in the washing machine?

Actually I think it would be fine

MariaV0nTrapp Fri 15-Jan-16 04:16:46

My p&t went mouldy.. both seats and the basket. Mortified. We stripped it right down, chucked what we could in the washing machine, gave the rest a good scrub and it's fine. We have an outdoor storage box because its too much of a faff to keep taking it down with both chairs in place and we dont have room to keep it set up stays in and we believe it went mouldy because we put it in with the raincoat being wet through still. Next time we will leave it in the house for a couple of hours to dry thoroughly before storing it.

MariaV0nTrapp Fri 15-Jan-16 04:19:26

Oops missed out 'that it'
and my p&t doesn't wear a raincoat.. damn autocorrect, I meant raincover grin

ECD21156 Fri 15-Jan-16 04:37:53

Same happened to us. Washed it then used the steam cleaner on it and it was fine x

Soooosie Fri 15-Jan-16 04:49:19

I'd probably bathe it in watered bleach to be thorough. But I'd use the buggy again.

kate7590 Fri 15-Jan-16 16:52:41

Id kept DSs pushchair in our garage and it went a bit mouldy.
I just took the seat off and washed it and scrubbed the solid bits that couldn't be washed and intent to use it again in July with next baby smile

lanbro Fri 15-Jan-16 16:56:26

I bought a second hand p&t that was a bit mouldy, I jet washed it and it was fine. In fact once I'd touched up the rusty bits with Hammerite it looked brand new !

MintyBojingles Fri 15-Jan-16 22:05:12

Ok so I'm probably good to go. In fairness I'm more worried about using it with new baby - I'm asthmatic and allergic to mould, so I think that's why I'm worried. But I'm not sure we won't need a double when dc2 arrives anyway, if not I might look at getting a new seat then if they are going to sleep in it a lot.

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